Lads : Band-announcement 1

Here is the first trailer of Lads

The pitch : Condé-sur-Ginette, on the outskirts of a large city, in a thousand places in the warm sand, coconut palms and the blue ocean of the Caribbean. It is the summer. The sun burns off the chrome of motorcycles, warms the bitumen towers, suffocation building halls and crame minds. Here, everyone dreams of the beaches of Santo Rico. Some more than others. For Tony Merguez and José Frelate, the two MC’s from the neighborhood, the departure is imminent. But the travel agency in charge of their ticket has zapped the name of the destination. Return to the box Ginette ! In order to surface, Tony is set to become a Montana way Scarface and tries to donate a little bit of fresh grass ” kindly ” provided by Zoran, gross thick at the feet not really clay. José from his side plays Don Juan in a big villa, occupied by Momo the inlays and the beautiful… Mercy. All would have been able to ride, if a mistress was in a fury, filmmakers, rather enthusiasts, a sauna, Norwegian, police officers, angered or even a judge leathery, had decided otherwise…

Lads was directed by Albert Pereira Lazaro and Emmanuel Klotz with the voices of Vincent Cassel (Mesrine – Public Enemy No. 1, Mesrine – Death Instinct, The Promises Of The Shadow), Omar Sy (So Close, Safari) and Fred Testot (I’ll Miss, Only Two).

Date of theatrical release : June 17, 2009

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