make a film and happen…at the end of filming

tourner un film et arriver…à la fin de tournage

Create a movie…an adventure

Part 3

That is, the filming is finished…I think it is time to take stock of this adventure. As you know, create a movie, whatever it is, is an incredible adventure… and a first feature film is even longer than anything you can imagine. Sometimes, as anassistant director, we forget what it would be like to force to follow up the projects, tv or film director…confirmed.

To start it I have to tell you that the last 12 days have been epic ! Between special effects, storms and fatigue began to be felt, I can tell you that I am not bored lol. I even did things with the work plan that I thought not possible…And I do not speak of all last days…

If one thing is certain and that is that everything has been possible thanks to the cohesion and the agreement of the team. It is true that all of us, we have accepted this film for the story but especially for the director. But in spite of this, if the atmosphere and the professionalism of the team had not been there, the film would have suffered. But let’s be honest, I sincerely hope that the director will be able to use everything that we shot, because in some cases it was a one-shot, that is to say, that if the decision was not good we could not do it again !


On a film pro how can we get there ?

There are several factors that come into play, but to be honest most of the time this is only a question of money ; (o) Without money, impossible to privatize a boat, a input of station, etc…In this case it is necessary to use a true crossing, with real people, and to do all that we can turn our plans…with the authorization of the company all the same !


If a second thing is certain is that the issues that I had encountered during my preparation and which could not be resolved I went back on it at one time or another. This has had the consequence of not being able to turn all that we have and the need to find solutions to last minute to have the necessary plans to film or take much more time than expected.


If I have an advice to give you in this article is to provide a preparation period is rather long , roughly two times more preparation time than filming, but also to prepare the scene of the shooting in order to really grasp the potential problems. This is to say that if you turn in another region, go on a few days before the shoot to revisit all the locations with the director and the director-general. Of course, you can well imagine that if I didn’t do it is that I have not been able to do it…or that we didn’t given them the means.

But especially to see if what you want to turn is not too big for you ! Yes, I say too large, that is to say that a team of 15 people can’t turn anywhere and with anything. A team of 15 people can not manage an entry of the maritime station in all axes, it is impossible to control ! Then with the experience we know…yet this is what happened to me.


To say everything I couldn’t do my work properly just for a reason of financial means and a lack of staff…due to the lack of resources. Don’t worry I have not been alone, of all the posts we had the same concerns.


After the filming of this feature length film out of all of this ?

I know that what I experienced was incredible, both personally and professionally. It has helped me to relativize a lot of things and it taught me more than any film I’ve done up to today. But another thing is certain it is that I wouldn’t do this again under these conditions and there I encompasses everything : the salary, the lack of technicians, lack of money, lack of preparation, the conditions of accommodation (I assure you, I have not lived in a cardboard box for 1 month ;o)).

I know that the editing has begun, so I’m going to go there to see what the editor thinks, but also to discuss with thehas director at cold and then we will really see what is missing, what we should have done, our mistakes, etc…

Necessarily, at the end of the shoot everyone was happy to end this adventure but also very sad to have to leave. And then the tongues loosen and the prejudices or the fears of the beginning resurface ;o) For example , several technicians came in to see me, saying to me that at our first meeting they were expected to support a guy not funny, gruff, who speaks tersely and directly ! While I am only love and compassion LOL. It is true that the first time that I encounter on a project that I’m not the guy with the most smiling in the world and I am rather direct, where this kind of first impression.

In the end, they are surprised to change the judgment. I am here to lead a plateau, it is the role of the assistant that you have a good understanding, a cohesion, and that the job ahead of time, then yes it should print a discipline : Knowing how to work in silence, for example, etc…But in a good atmosphere is even better. He must also know how to have a good laugh and to de-dramatize situations that seem dire or insurmountable.


We are all in the same boat. I’ve done too much shooting where as soon as someone made a mistake he was taking for his rank, and the chief was amused and hit him over at every opportunity, reminding him that he had put everyone in the mess. I’m not like that ! Everyone makes mistakes on a tray to absolutely everyone !! Then when you make a bullshit from time to time I do notice it because it’s my job, but you do use them, not scapegoat, and you will not be shown the finger. It serves no purpose and it doesn’t advance the film. Those who behave like this are just idiots in need of power and unfortunately there are more of them than you might think…I guarantee you and all the posts ! Filmmakers included !


Well I digress a bit…and I’m enthusiastic. But it should be one of these 4 that I should do a manifesto, a bit like Jerry Maguire LOL.

Celebration of end of filming…

To finish, announce : the End of the day, end of week and end of shoot was liberating. The celebration of end of filming that followed was epic ! The chief operator, the sound engineer and myself we invented the cooks and servers of a night, we had an astronomical amount of pancakes (patties), complete to feed the entire world. The prod had planned to make cakes, but without asking who was going to do lol. And we drank…and this is not good !!! Always drink in moderation, alcohol abuse is dangerous for health !!!


I put 8 days to get back. I’m not talking about the feast of the end of the filming but the filming itself ;o)


Today a sense of nostalgia is present when I think of this film. Colleagues have become friends, some already were. It goes without saying that I miss all of you because live what we have lived through does not happen every day, in any case not like this. Eager to find them on another project.


The urge to turn, the desire for cinema is still present after this adventure. The desire to achieve again takes me again…and I want you to be part of the adventure this time…I’m thinking about how this can become a reality.


That’s it for this article on create a movie…and the end of filming. Once again, I don’t give you technique or tip to make your movies or your scenarios. But I had to put a final end to this adventure that I’ve shared with you for several weeks.


Next week I’ll come back with an article more focused ;o)

One last thing, many of you were asking me or the shooting was going on. We were on the island Of hoedic off the coast of Quiberon. The director I speak to you for several week now called Marine Square, I think it would have plenty of things to tell you. I’ll try to devote an article shortly. Because in addition to being a director full of talent it is a wonderful woman ;o) The film will be called : Blow, stronger than the sea

The film was produced by Sensito films, directed by Stéphanie Douet, who is co-organizing the contest of which I spoke to you last week. I am also going to arrange to do an article on Stephanie as soon as possible ;o)

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Thank you to those who will make it ;o) and that are already doing that ;o) you are, every day, more and more numerous. Thanks to you, I live an extraordinary adventure made up of sharing and film ;o) I also hope that the love I have in my job is going through all the articles. I hope that they’ll boost in any case I hope ;o)


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Tom Weil


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