MAMMA MIA ! HERE WE GO AGAIN, the marshmallow-powerful – Review

Make a number two seemed very unnecessary. And yet, MAMMA MIA ! HERE WE GO AGAIN, prove the contrary. Aficionados of the musical will be a great pleasure to be back in the world marshmallow, and colored this story, as well as the power of the songs of the group Abba.

Mamma Mia ! But what fly has been stung in the studios to produce a sequel to this musical in the planetary success on Broadway as in the cinema, if not the good smell of the money money money ? It is true what !, the happy end full of love sequins and fresh water was sufficient. And we do not see what there is to say more in this story. All that one has what to hide under the bed if one refers to the suites that other musical movies have suffered : for example, Grease 2 was everything we shoot them down, and Dirty Dancing 2 we completed just as easily. The mid-later mid-prequel MAMMA MIA ! HERE WE GO AGAIN with Ol Parker, has all the ingredients to kill us ?Well, surprise… Not. It must be said that the power of the keyboards ofAbba is more powerful than everything. Ten years later, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is back. In the hotel’s Greek from her mother Donna (Meryl Streep) that she has finished renovating, it is the festival inauguration announcement. Between preparation of the night, and flashbacks back to the moments where Donna has known the three potential fathers (Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgård) to Sophie, MAMMA MIA ! HERE WE GO AGAIN we slid on the slides, marshmallow.

Because let’s be clear. It is just as corny praline, silly, cutesy, honeyed, than the first. But if the people who have hated the first étrangleront just as much before the second, those who have loved will not be disappointed. Or if little.

Without falling into a too-full of warmed, MAMMA MIA ! HERE WE GO AGAIN recorded a total lineage of the first. Just let yourself go, once again, in this world of cardboard, where “everyone is beautiful everyone is nice” to get out of the projection room with butterflies in the eyes, hopping around as the country of the Smurfs, to have a smile big beta or the ears puffing of the Abba. One falls into the panel even more quickly when there is a blue flower, if only a tad. Because, of course, Mamma Mia! exalts the dream of a love without worries, where everything is well that ends well in the best of possible worlds.

In MAMMA MIA ! HERE WE GO AGAIN, Pierce Brosnan is still singing like a jellyfish, Colin Firth still has its head to make the sentence (as in all his films), while the two friends of Donna (Christine Baranski and Julie Walters) offer some of the lines and well funny. The fun is still intact to find this kingdom of the kitcherie assumed. The role of Dear, the grand-mother of Sophie, is the perfect example of the no headache. If it can be debated on its real use in the story (and especially on the anachronism of the age : her daughter would be Meryl Streep… 3 years difference so. Congratulations, this is coherent), and one forgives quickly this oddity when we note with what degree of self-mockery, the singer, 72-year-old is fourgue in the adventure Mamma Mia !.One could quibble about the fact that the script, low, is only a pretext in order to align the songs of one of the greatest groups of all time, but the side flower powerful takes over. A few must-sees – both within the directory as the history of the first part – are still there to trap us (Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, Take A Chance On Me, Waterloo…), as well as lesser-known (When I Kissed The Teacher, The Name Of The Game,…) and the forgotten of the first (Fernando, Knowing Me Kwowing You) give the interest to this film, which gives details on two hours, which had been referred to in the 1, namely, the romances of the past of Meryl Streep with three beautiful boys. The public will regret the little bit of presence that makes this second part to the actress ofOut of Africa, but will be delighted to Lily James (Cinderella). Sparkling and playful, the young Donna gives the tone that it takes. Apart from their angel face to crack the young girls in flower, we cannot say that his three teammates Jeremy Irvine, Hugh Skinner and Josh Dylan are really feeling. The young friends of Donna are on it just as fun as the older.

Nevertheless, MAMMA MIA ! HERE WE GO AGAIN happens without great difficulty, to cut the grass under the foot to its critics who, legitimately, could think that this sequel was going to be just as useless as disappointing. Despite its flaws, despite the fact that the first will always be the best Mamma Mia 2 does not have to blush. Swept away by the effectiveness of the songs ofAbba, the comedy is full of charm absolute that we said, ” drop your problems, come with us dance “.

The pleasure is so great to rediscover the joy of Mamma Mia ! that one would be almost tempted to hum “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme a third movie ” but that would be a bad idea. With MAMMA MIA ! HERE WE GO AGAIN, the party continues without overflows. Give a layer would be, to kick, to spoil.

Yohann Sed

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MAMMA MIA ! HERE WE GO AGAIN, the marshmallow overkill – Critical
Original title : Mamma Mia Here We Go Again

Achievement : Ol Parker

Screenplay : Ol Parker

Main actors : Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Lily James

Release Date : July 25, 2018

Duration : 1h57min

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