Tuesday, march 11, 2014 : the program on tv tonight

Cach day, we advise you to take 2 films to see on tv that night : a film on the set of strings and another, exclusively on TNT.


Under the Sand

HD1 – 20: 50

Production : François Ozon

Main actors : Charlotte Rampling, Bruno Cremer, Jacques Nolot

Country of origin : France

Released : February 7, 2001

Duration : 1h35mn

Each summer, John and Mary, a couple without a story, go on vacation in the Landes. But this year, while Marie is sleeping on the beach, Jean disappears. Has he drowned, was he away ?

Mary is alone in the face of the enigma of the disappearance of the man of her life. A work of mourning begins.



OCS Choc – 20h40

Realisation : Michael Mann

Main actors : Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore

Country of origin : United States

Genre : Action, Police

Released : February 21, 1996

Duration : 2h50mn

The band’s Neil McCauley, which came to be grafted Waingro, a new recruit, attack an armoured vehicle, to seize a significant amount of money in bonds. However, this last one kills coldly one of the conveyors and Chris Shiherlis finds himself forced to “finish the job”. Neil tries to eliminate Waingro, but he manages to escape. Meanwhile, lieutenant Vincent Hanna leads the investigation…

Anecdotes :

– Filming took place from late December 1994 until may of 1995 in more than 65 different places of Los Angeles and its surroundings. No scene has been shot in a studio. The scene of the shooting after the robbery of the bank required two weeks of filming. The famous scene of the verbal confrontation between Robert De Niro and Al Pacino was filmed at the restaurant Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills, while the final scenes of the film have been to the Hilton hotel and on the runways of the international airport of Los Angeles. Michael Mann has made sure that Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are not simultaneously visible on the screen, even during the stage of discussion in the café.

– There are two homages to this film in the series Kaamelott : the title of the movie, Heat, is the first episode of Book I, while the stage of discussion between Hanna and McCauley in a coffee shop was taken over by King Arthur and Lancelot of the Lake, in the tavern, in the second part of the episode Face-to-Face, in Book IV.

– In the video game Grand Theft Auto V Devin Weston has the habit of calling him any protagonist ” Slick “, in turn, pretending to be his friend or down, depending on the situation ; this is likely a reference to Michael Cherrito.


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