Night Train : Chanel N°5 by Jean-Pierre Jeunet with Audrey Tautou

The Blog of the Film offers a small excluded talking to you… Chanel.

Not just any Chanel, N°5. But why tell you about it while the site deals with movies you tell me ? Just as the advertising that will be out soon promoting this lovely fragrance is directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and actress Audrey Tautou. The same Audrey Tautou , who happens to be Coco Chanel in the film Coco Before Chanel , which comes out tomorrow on the screens.

It therefore follows other stars such as Catherine Deneuve or Carole Bouquet to represent the famous perfume.

The advertising film is called Night Train and it was shot in Istanbul. The pitch is simple : the story of a young woman aboard the Orient Express meets a young man. The realization is super neat, color-smack.

The film will be on the web from 05.05.2009 (it could not have been better to choose to go out at N°5). On our tv screens, it will have to wait for the month of December. 2 minutes and 25 seconds band for more than 200 people who worked there are battery hair a year.

First, find a making-of below, exclusively for the Blog of the Film, as well as some photos of the advertising film.

What you put in appetite until the release of this last on our screens.

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