Carrie au bal du diable-spring for Halloween, the opportunity for us to come back on this brilliant portrait turned away from the America of the 70s through the prism of the horror. A recognizable style in the New Hollywood golden age of cinema in addition to atlantic.

Why rush into the dark halls to get bored before the uneven It’s, suitable to the immense Stephen King, while the great distributor Splendor Films offers a completely different program, much more enticing. For Halloween, say no so instead, the film d’ Andres Muschietti and do not hesitate to rub shoulders with a classic film of terror of the New Hollywood in the restored version. Carrie au bal du diable, by the brilliant Brian de Palma, focuses on the appalling story of a high school girl candid, martyred, who takes his revenge on a world that is awful, ecclesiastical and nasty.

Influenced by the master Hitchcock that he will not cease to quote, sometimes unnecessarily, Brian de Palma takes on skillfully the relay in this false fairy tale in putting us in an uncomfortable situation when the young and naive Carrie (Sissy Spacek) is lynchée by all his classmates. At the opening, filmed with eroticism, the film plunges into the fantastic, then, that Carrie develops telekinesis powers drugs.

Pouring in the supernatural, Carrie au bal du diable will not only describe the rise of an american society that is misogynistic, cruel, consumerist but also, listen to the dysfunctional family at the origin of the gangrene to society. Under the seams of the short story and the genre borrowed from the horror, eroticism and fantasy, it is a whole country changing who goes under the scalpel of Brian de Palma.

“This is a country in transformation that goes under the scalpel of Brian de Palma.”

Wedged between two figures maternalistes opposite – one is a totem, emblematic of the America 70’s libertarian and the other, a horrifying prison guard took refuge in the sacrosanct religion – Carrie found its tipping point at the time of the inevitable killing spree where no one is spared. This outbreak, and can be found obsessively in Stephen King, crystallizes in a segment from vengeance wild of the staging colossal. If in the feature film the fishermen and the young adults if released sexually punished for their actions unforgivable, Brian de Palma exorcizes also the puritan America of an ancient time when a matricide christic terrifying.

Carrie au bal du diable is this story, a parable around the tale disenchanted, a Cinderella soiled, flawed, marginalized, which implodes and takes everything in its path demonic. And while the family home collapses in on itself like a house of cards, the princess of the Underworld, illuminating the beginning of the prom by her innocent beauty, cries his deafening call to despair. A classic, simply.


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Original title : Carrie

Achievement : Brian de Palma

Screenplay :Lawrence D. Cohen based on the work of Stephen King

Main actors : Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving

Release Date : 22 April 1977

Date of resumption : November 1, 2017

Duration : 1h38min

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