Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me, the movie prequel of the TV series had the ambition to give certain answers, it is rather a Lynch unbalanced which spoils further the mystery.

Ovationné in Cannes during the presentation of the first three episodes of the long-awaited season 3 of Twin Peaks, moved to tears in front of a theatre of lights filled with love, flowers and marshmallows, David Lynch, who had given no sign of life film since 2006, operates a return more than noticed. Without relying on the output not so unnoticed of The Art Life, Potemkin Films proposes to extend the pleasure with restored versions ofEraserhead and TWIN PEAKS : FIRE WALK WITH ME.

Issued in 1992 in the form of rab after a cliffhanger is unbearable, whose 25 years of waiting are now in the past, TWIN PEAKS : FIRE WALK WITH ME is presented as a prequel to the television series of the same name. The excitement mixed with the insatiable desire to penetrate the bushy mystery of the death of the popular Laura Palmer was, therefore, more than one on the alert.

Placing himself at the opening in an obsession post Sailor & Lula, David Lynch’s sketch, in his phenomenal first half-hour, an atmosphere more hypnotic as deadly. But at a time when the series characters miraculously reappear, after a David Bowie also delicious histrionics that stealth, the mirage fades, alas, little by little.

Left an orphan by his sidekick Mark Frost, placed at the head of a feature film at the seams explanatory contestable, David Lynch wants more control of his creation and his vision eccentric prints without limits over the entire surface of the film. In this hellish descent into the heart of darkness, crafted on the basis of a achievement roll freely, the stage is put on a path adorned with mystical symbols and enigmatic. Thus, any doubt touches the mind as to the identity of the author and the imaging ecstatic signed David Lynch springs in addition to measurement of each shot, each dialogue, even to the point of curling the cartoon.

Far from the intensity of the exceptional Lonely Souls (Twin Peaks – s02e07), the large-format sometimes gives the unfortunate sense to attend a episode parody of the famous fresco by television. And if sequences as impressive as night tours, libertines manage to get the echo of a future dreadful, TWIN PEAKS : FIRE WALK WITH ME is running out of steam sometimes in a kaleidoscope of sensory pretty vain. Without really indignant, without exalt, David Lynch files a minor work in his filmography, a mere annoyance in the light of its brilliant puzzle reserved for the small window.


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Original title : Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me

Production : David Lynch

Screenplay : David Lynch

Main actors : Sheryl Lee, Kyle MacLachlan, Ray Wise

Release Date : June 12, 1992

Date out : 31 May 2017

Duration : 2h15min
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