Videodrome is apparent in the rooms, the opportunity to revisit this classic of fantastic cinema, which, almost 30 years later, a testament to its visionary nature.

At the time of the development of reality tv seems to have taken on any form of audiovisual entertainment, Splendor Films, who could not attend feverishly to the rise of pornography and the widespread availability of enjoyment after the violence, had the wonderful idea to present a restored version of the iconic work of David Cronenberg, VIDEODROME, after more than 30 years. In a world that sees the proliferation of screens and the numerical dependencies grow at full speed, be found in this now famous chronic dystopian, Black Mirror, the worthy heiress of a major film genre.

Max Renn, rogue program director in industry X, falls on a day on a mysterious band of hacker by the name of Vidédrome. At his viewing, the sexual abuse of the most atrocious tend to define the new boundaries of voyeurism in a dimension never imagined until now. But over the days, Renn is taken from incessant hallucinations. The shift toward the fantastic, the mirage, VIDEODROME depicts, above all, a company launched frantically on the traces of the ecstasy afforded by so many of the atrocity, a wandering in a world that always runs to more horror. Before this show, the staging impeccable, David Cronenberg returns us, the viewers hypnotized, by a mise en abyme, which plays on the effects of intrusive mirrors, cathode ray tubes, in front of our own consumers frantic. Because VIDEODROME is exactly the demo without detours of the morbid fascination for the sex and the violence.

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It will remain of this work, this legendary stage, a testimony of submission to the supreme front of the machine, at the same time as the material unification of the envelope of human channels and radio. That is that the uptake full appetite of the flesh by the screen draws the allegiance of inexorable of Man through technology. And with David Cronenberg, the transformation of the body completes this unique obsession : the oppressive destruction of the psyche and the birth brutal of the camisole of the brain (The Fly, Maps to the Stars). Therefore, Max Renn is no longer a vcr and vaginal mobile placed at the disposal of the propaganda media. Now alienated to a power as malevolent as it is invisible, the puppet hybrid is programmed to the total destruction of a societal organization that dream into a champion of freedom. And then, as a sign of the completion of the metamorphosis, irrevocable, it is high time to enact a long life to the “new flesh”, and blood, corrupted by this system cannibaliste, flowing symbolically on the ground.

Unfairly appreciated at its output, a masterpiece of genre cinema which was now acknowledged, VIDEODROME is definitely one of the film’s more ” Cronenbergien “. We can only encourage you to go to its (re)discovery so that the resonance prophetic of this dizzying descent into the underworld sounds here the death knell of any trace of empathy, human, condemning, in fact, the evolution of the world to a servo 2.0 completely amoral. And at the end of this nightmare, Max Renn look, facing the camera, the end of the episode. The spectator, crétinisé by so much hype, has no other choice than to wait taped in front of a screen, subject to a vicious appetite. The obvious promise of persistently exceeding the limits of the understanding.


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Original title : Videodrome

Production : David Cronenberg

Screenplay : David Cronenberg

Main actors : James Woods, Sonja Smits, Deborah Harry

Release Date : may 16, 1984

Date of commencement : 12 April 2017

Duration : 1h28min
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