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How to direct his actors

Hello to all, today I welcome Emerick’s blog to become an actor. Professional actor he will share with us his best tips to get the maximum out of his players. As a director, you are the conductor. You need to manage everything. Following the budget and the organization of your movie you will also can […]

How to begin a scenario

Inspiration in all its forms Well, yes ! The hardest part is always starting. This is even more true in the world (wonderful) scenario ! Before making a decision, the ideas, the minds, in bulk, without link between them. The real work starts when one puts in writing all these pieces of information. The first […]

Starting with the idea

Originally Having a good idea is not an end in itself. Indeed, how can we really begin a scenario with a simple idea ? A basic idea is a concept that is very abstract, absolutely not defined. It is as if one said to be able to build a car made up of 250,000 spare […]

Choose to work in the cinema

This is it, this is the time for you to pick and choose who you want to be in 10 years and how to access it. A priori, if you’re on this blog, it is that the cinema is your choice or it is part of it. This article will help you, I hope, to […]

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