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Qiu has ever imagined for himself the following of the adventures of his favorite hero ? When the last chapter of the last book closes, we would like to sometimes stir up a curiosity of human in pursuing the object of our admiration in his wanderings subsequent. And then, what happens then ? Then there’s […]

[critical 2] INTERSTELLAR

Matthew McConaughey flies in the stars on board the ship of Christopher Nolan. Science-fiction spatial, anticipatory, thriller, family, ecology, disaster, philosophy, good feelings, physical, love, action, relativity, Nolan multiplies the facets and densifies the concept of INTERSTELLAR up to touch the universal. Where Aronofsky was planted in “The Fountain ” with similar ambitions, Nolan manages […]


Vee is a high school girl discreet that has never really been able to “let go” in life. Decided to change and may not remain in the shadow of her best friend (the very uninhibited Sidney), Vee is registered on Nerve, an online game that lasts the time of a day. With their phone, the […]


Ne have seen NEITHER THE SKY NOR THE EARTH, the first film from director Clément Cogitore, which has granted us a long interview. The film’s title is taken from a verse in the Qur’an : “Neither the sky nor the earth wept, and they had no time” and responds to the two intentions of the […]


Paris of our days. A group of young people distributed in different places of the city seem to be preparing a big blow prior to their appointment in a department store at night. After his biopic majestic about Yves Saint-Laurent and his foray into a brothel (The apollonide), Bertrand Bonello makes a comeback with a […]


Nocturnal Animals has been reviewed by Antoine in the context of the topic, Reflections of Poetry. With its cast of four-star, and his style (apparently), if the singular, the film director Tom Ford (A Single Man) wanted, with his second feature film, hitting a “big shot” film. As soon as the generic – that obese […]

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