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PATTAYA, a thai seaside town famous for its climate, its low cost and its sex tourism, it is the paradise of “bastards”. For his second feature film, Franck Gastambide therefore remains in his comfort zone, his familiar universe that is the suburbs. This being the case, building on the success of her first album in […]

[critical] Paul

For 60 years, Paul, an extraterrestrial, living on earth and is working with the u.s. government. He hides out of sight in a military base secret ultra… Paul is at the origin of everything that one could imagine about the aliens, merchandising scenarios Encounters of the third kind , E. T. or X Files. Unfortunately […]


Presented in competition at Sundance last year, it is with pleasure that we find PEOPLE PLACES THINGS in VOD ! Starting from a scenario rather conventional, namely the separation of a couple with children, the director-writer Jim Strouse stands above all the portrait of a man. Empathetic, very understanding, Will is a chic type, which […]


Madness Disney is not ready to stop. After having betrayed its own version of The Sleeping beauty in Maleficent, has delivered to the taste of the day Cinderella, The Jungle Book , and a soon – beauty And The Beast, the studio’s big-eared attacks the film PETER ET ELLIOTT LE DRAGON. Released in 1977, this […]


In Phantom Cinema, Li-Ming Cheng summons the great names in experimental cinema, and notably that of his compatriot Tsai Ming-Liang. PHANTOM CINEMA, it is the aesthetic of a memory. The spectra of the past, the shadow vanishing point to a reality that is now what remains – there is, in the approach of Li-Ming Cheng, […]


Therha performance of the bellas on the occasion of the birthday of the President of the Republic of the United States, the pants Fat Amy crack. This scandal causes the exclusion of the bellas in the upcoming national championships and forbids them to audition new recruits. The only way for the group to maintain its […]

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