Positive #579

Here is a summary of the Positive #579…


Pedro Almodóvar

Broken embraces

Mirage of life

Franck Garbarz

Interview with Pedro Almodóvar

Shoot with passion of the characters

a high-intensity

Michel Ciment and Philippe Rouyer

Musicians movie

Interview with Alexandre Desplat

My second passion after music was the cinema

Hubert Niogret

Interview with Nicola Piovani

Express on your toes,

Jean A. Gili


Rachel marie

Jonathan Demme

Pierre Eisenreich

The Sicilian

Marco Amenta

Jean A. Gili

United Red Army

Koji Wakamatsu

Adrien Gombeaud

Still Walking

of Hirokazu Kore-eda

Élise Domenach


by Götz Spielmann

Michel Cieutat

Coco before Chanel

Anne Fontaine

Eithne O’neill



Pandora’s Box, Clara, Clerk, office, Children of Kabul, The Child-horse, The Woman without a head, Good Morning England, Happy Sweden, Humans and Mutants, The Idiot, Inland, I loved her, Katanga Business, El niño Pez, OSS 117, Rio ne respond, The Country upside down, The Pleasure of Being Robbed, Predictions, The First Star, Roman by less than 30, The sangre brota, The Secret of Lily Owens, 16 de Basse-Pointe, the Meaning of life for $ 9.99, Be wise, Synecdoche, New York, unwanted Cookie, the Whole history of my chess sex, another man, A night in New York, A dream wedding, War, Inc.


Voice off

Quentin Tarantino’s dialogue

with James Toback


March in film

The first hundred years…

Élise Domenach

Reflection project

The price of gigantism

Hubert Niogret


Ennio De Concini 1923-2008

Good-Bye Homer

Geoffroy Caillet

Tullio Pinelli 1908-2009

Between invention and inventiveness

Jean A. Gili

Maurice Jarre 1924-2009

The legend of Lyon

Pierre Berthomieu

Notes party

Cinéma du réel 2009

Looks Russia, Germany, and elsewhere…

Rotterdam 2009

Reading Notes

The Decline of Feeling.

American Film in the 1920 ;

The science-fiction Movies ;

A practical Guide to the music of the film ;

Editing creative process and aesthetic of Eisenstein

Michel Deville

Michel Deville

The Master of coincidences

Alain Masson

Our selection DVD

The Evil one, under the volcano by John Huston

Macadam two-lane Monte Hellman

Ray Harryhausen

Francesco Rosi


Sidney Lumet

At the end of the race

The art of the fugue

Franck Kausch

Interview with Sidney Lumet

No false melodrama

Gavin Smith


My Brother’s Wedding

Charles Burnett

Eric Derobert

Gamperaliya, Change in the village

Lester James Peries

Alain Masson

China, Chung Kuo

Michelangelo Antonioni

Lorenzo Codelli

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