Schools of cinema : the dates of the open doors

Each year, hundreds of high school students and students are looking for training that will enable them to become film director, screenwriter, sound engineer or even an actor ! If the web sites of the various schools of cinema, provide more information on the programs, this does not allow you to get a real idea about the premises, the atmosphere, or even the professionalism of the teams… in Order to see more clearly, most of the film schools therefore organise open days which allow you to answer these important questions !

Below you will find the dates of the doors open to different schools of cinema :

STUDIO M – afternoon Discovery in Lyon, france on may 5, 2012, and Marseille and Montpellier on may 9, 2012

ESRA – information Days in Paris on the 10th may 2012 and in Rennes on the 12th of may 2012

CLCF – Open Day in Paris on may 12, 2012

EICAR – Open Day in Paris on may 12, 2012

SAE INSTITUTE – Open Day in Paris on may 12, 2012

For more information on the different courses in film, I invite you to consult the space dedicated to studies of film on this site.

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