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SO FILM, SO FILM de genre, appel à projets

Call for proposals : Film genre

Just like last week the team has decided to release an article this Wednesday, rather than last Sunday.

All in all, this is not really an article but a relay of information and not least. It is clear that this will interest many of you.

Has all those who think that it is absolutely necessary to go to the United States or abroad, for making genre films, we tell them : no ! And this is not new on “How to Make A Movie” it tells you that it is possible to make a fantastic film, anticipation or science fiction in France. And for this no need to call Besson!

Of course, the genre films the French do not have a budget amazing as the USA. But no need to € 200 million to make a genre film that takes the road…again…quite the contrary. Only the scenario!

Why a call for proposals for the genre film and why now ?

Before I tell you when and how to send your scenarios you need to understand why such a call is made. Understand the general situation of such a craze of different structures and partners. Understanding the reasons will allow you to respond to the call in question.

The reason is simple and it is called the CNC (Centre national de la cinématographie). In early January, the ACSB has put in place a great plan of assistance in favour of special effects. This new support will be of eur 3 million, which will make a total of € 9 million instead of 6 million already allocated to special effects.

And this support will allow you to have, artistically, better special effects, and encourage ambitious projects.

France, pool of artists and companies of special effects

On the territory, there are nearly 80 companies are very innovative, which employ more than 3500 people. Not to mention that several French schools are among the best in the world.

Only downside today, more than 60% of the special effects of the French films are made abroad.

This is why this needs to change ! This assistance coupled with the tax credit, the films should go back to France, and the special effects also.

Residences to help you go to the end of your project

SO FILM and several partners came together for the purpose of renewing the supply of genre films in France but not only. In effect, these residences want to be innovative in the modes of writing as well as in its entirety : music, literature, etc…

The icing on the cake is that, from the writing, the main players/partners will be associated, resulting in a true work of collaboration on your film.

What is it mean ?

It is simple. This means that you will be accompanied in the writing of your screenplay by the writers experienced. And to go a step further and you have a global vision of your project, to be submitted to decision-makers, you will be working with artists from BD , and composers for the music and technicians from the studios of special effects to they give you an expertise of your scenario. In short…this is the grand Slam.

The appeal of residences SO FILM what is it ?

  • It is 20 projects of feature-length films that will be selected, and that’s it !
  • The genres are eligible : Science-fiction, fantastique, anticipation


  • It is necessary to send a synopsis of 3 pages.

The residencies will take place from July 2017 to March 2018.

How to register and submit your project ?

Registration must be done before 30 may 2017 by sending your project to [email protected]. The application dossier must include :

An information sheet downloadable here

– A synopsis developed (3 pages)

Note of intention of the screenwriter and/or director (1 page)

Notes on the possible contributors to the arts, producer, director

(1 page per contributor)

CV of the writer and/or producer

CV of the potential producers and contributors to artistic

Links to your main achievements, written and/or visual

Visual elements (optional)

NB : The folder must be in the French version, font Arial, size 12. Any incomplete application will be denied. Any submission is final.

We recommend that you go directly to the site of SO FILM to take notice of the calendar and all the partners at the origin of this call for projects. By clicking here

I remind you the deadline for sending in your folder which is : May 30, 2017.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

That’s it for this article on : call for project SO genre FILM.

Please do not hesitate to ask me your questions or comments below this article.

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