Studio Ciné Live #10 / December 2009

Here is a summary of the last Studio Ciné Live

  • The earth rotates

The news of films in preparation and filming anywhere on the planet

  • News

The countdown to Avatar to the 40 years of Monthy Python, all that has marked the news this month

  • Has the poster

You can find all the reviews of all the movies of the month, our coups de coeur and our rants !

  • On the cover : Marion Cotillard

Has the poster of the Last Flight by Karim Dridi, the actress continues to make sparks in Hollywood. Between the filming of the musical Nine, and Inception by Christopher Nolan with DiCaprio, she opens us the doors of his museum of the imagination

  • Focus

Viggo Mortensen – Chaterine Frot and Albert Dupontel – Rachel McAdams – In-The-Loop – Giovanna Mezzogiorno – Paranormal Activity – Loup

  • Investigation

Documentary policy : Any is it allowed ? – Abduction and An Affair of State : 2 political thrillers of the test bench

  • Casting

Reda Kateb – Jesse Eisenberg – Julie Sokolowski

  • The top of the month

Our top 20 films of cu-cults

  • Shooting

Bus Palladium – The Clash Of The Titans

  • The lesson of cinema

Brillante Mendoza

  • Myth Parade

Luchino Visconti

  • Flash-back

Back To The Future

  • Business

Translator of subtitles

  • L. A. confidential

Each month, the actu jet lag live from Los Angeles

  • Bonus

T. V. seasons 2 of True Blood, and Hero Corp

The best blogs ciné

DVD / Blu-ray

The actu records, and books

  • Forum

Michèle Laroque in the face to readers of Studio Ciné Live

  • Trailer

What you can read in the next issue of Studio Ciné Live

  • Mr. +

The chronicle of Pierre Lescure

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