supply and demand

L’offre et la demande

The important thing is the market !


I know that we’re in the middle of summer, but I can’t wait to talk to you about this subject which affects many of you.

I’ll do a booster shot, if necessary, to the start of the year.

Wanting to make a film or write a scenario should not be like that… just because we want to ! Yes I know, it’s strange as a phrase, at least as entry in the field, but now I know that I have all of your attention.

There are several cases :

If you write a scenario of feature film, it is difficult to know what a producer wants to… but it is possible. It is necessary to look at what is done in this time, the topics or themes that have the wind in their sails. This is already a good starting point to have a better chance of being produced.

Before you spend weeks or months writing your synopsis, your bible and your scenarios, it is necessary for you to ask THE question : “Is it going to be of interest to a producer, or a string ? “Often, for those who are asking THE question, the answer is :” yes ! “.

And it is obvious this answer : ” If it interests you, if your story is top, you don’t see a reason why it could not be of interest to a producer or a tv channel !

Well you are wrong ! You are not the leader of the chain. You don’t have the editorial line . You do not have the curves of the hearings and the strategy of the production or tv channel.

In addition to this, new actors have come into play for some time :

– the platforms genre, netflix etc…

Either the channels or platforms, these media outlets have an editorial line. They seek programs in particular. These programs are of products ! Of consumer products.

Here is the proof : the binge watching, which is how more and more people consume the series. That is to say that they get several episodes, one after the other, in a very short time.

The platforms need to quickly replace and extend the number of productions. But they are not willing to take everything and anything from anyone ! They select and take on a series or unit that fit in their editorial line.

Even if you don’t have the phone Xavier Niel, its managers or the phone number of the boss of Netflix, before you write, watch what they produce ! The subject, the theme, the duration, the number of episodes ! And adapt your idea to this or make a feature film !

But if your idea is to make the series, you are in theobligation to stick to the market. In addition, you must also think of writing more ! It must go fast ! Write fast, produce fast, turn quickly and spread quickly… once the broadcast has started and the first numbers are falling you have to start again with the second season !

An author alone, and still less an author/director can not handle the workload, the pace and the pressure ! You need to think of ” collective writing ” or you’re dead !

To take them out of you head that what you write as the story will interest this kind of person/platform if none of the criteria they are looking for buyers and / or producers who are working with these buyers, are not in your project, it doesn’t do anything.

I’ll give you a secret : The platforms are not looking necessarily for comedy series ! They are looking for a series of genres :

  • fantastic
  • thriller
  • police
  • etc…

Basically, anything that you want to see the tv ! Look at the quality of the series…a Lot of people think that the tv there is not that shit… yet some of the chains do well , and especially, today, on your TV, you can watch series produced by :

  • Netflix
  • Soon Blackpills
  • Hulu
  • Amazon
  • Canal play.

So yes, I speak to you, today, products, costs, decision-makers…but it is like that. It is still the creativity and the place for young (or less young) who have good ideas. I often hear talk of standardization or “fit in” just like thees series or tv movies to the tv.

There are, I’m not going to hide it. But frankly there is a place for beautiful ideas and great projects to those who know how to hear and understand the needs or desires of these producers/broadcasters.

Today, a web-series costs on average 200 to 300 thousand euros. But budgets may be up to one million euros. It turns quickly, it produces fast, we eat fast, but this is the chance to be able to tell stories more complex, more time-consuming.

I’m a fan of the series and I am a follower of Binge watching. I stumbled on a series that I devoured in a few days : The killing. 2 seasons of 13 episodes to tell the investigation of the murder of a teenage girl. Frankly such a story, transcribed in the cinema, would not have had as much depth. The characters have the time to be worked out, the plot pushed to the extreme… and it works !

To conclude, look at the market, the demand and the market, the demand will be of interest to you.

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So much for the article on the : the important thing is the market.

I will tell you next week.

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Tom Weil

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