The BTS Audiovisual

The Patent of higher technician (BTS) are short courses of two years that is directly accessible after the Bac. As for the formations in the cinema of the universities, the BTS in audiovisual does not have to train in the craft of filmmaking. The courses are dedicated to different professions of the audiovisual sector and the learning from the video. They form, therefore, of the people who are supposed to be operational a job after graduation. However, for those who want to enter a film school, these BTS can be considered as a good preparatory class.

Five different options are offered to students. They can thus specialize in production management, business image, business, sound, editing and post-production, or engineering and operating equipment.

The BTS audiovisual are delivered in many institutions, private or public. You will find below a non-exhaustive list of public institutions offering a BTS audiovisual :

Saint-Quentin (02),

Cannes (06),

Angoulême (16),

Toulouse (31),

Villefontaine (38),

Le Puy-en-Velay (alternating) (43),

Metz (57),

Roubaix (59),

Rouen (76),

Montaigu (85),

Boulogne-Billancourt (92).

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