THE COMFORTER, a breath of tenderness – Critical

The first of Philippe Mechelen and Julien Hervé, the writers of The Tuche 2 and 3, THE BLANKET is a nice surprise, tender and funny.

The first film directors Philippe Mechelen and Julien Hervé could have been called “A la recherche du doudou perdu”. But, as often in comedy, the subject is beyond the purpose of the film, and is only a pretext to a further reflection. It is thought as well to the existential void felt by young people active in Friend-Friend , or to the emancipation of women mentioned in them As boys. Here, it is the unexpected encounter of two men that everything separates (age, origin, social background, profession, concerns, degree of humour) and who, thanks to a joint adventure, will eventually develop a beautiful relationship accomplice quasi-subsidiary.

We know the work of the duo MechelenHervé for their contribution to story in The Tuche, and there was fear that their first film is made of the same stuff. There is nothing, because the humor they offer in THE BLANKET is less than the first degree, and demonstrated a little more finesse and restraint. Just as both the hero Michel/Kad Merad and Sofiane/Malik Bentalha, in which the performers are well away from their roles of slaughter usual respective comedies. Thus, Malik Bentalha, which often plays a big fool, curlew (Pattaya, Taxi 5) finally sees the opportunity to embody a true hero in heart, young man, modest, a bit naive, a bit loose but clever, which will be able to easily identify with the young people of the public.

The role outrageous and often necessary in a comedy to mean a shift behaviorally with the two heroes is in reality held by all the other characters of THE BLANKET. And one must also recognize that the writers have done a good share of these supporting roles, whose attitudes are a source of good laugh. It is necessary first to quote the first circle unpayable colleagues Sofiane: Alex (Romain Lancry) in the blunderer friendly (much more than Gaston Lagaffe itself) and Thierry (David Halls)- in-chief of the security, and violent and not very smart.

Nice surprise, THE BLANKET is a family comedy full of tenderness and a real feel good movie.

The two friends Sofiane and Michel combine, therefore, and follow, with the help of Alex and Thierry, the trace of the blanket disappeared at the airport and passed from hands to hands during the last few hours. This gives rise to multiple episodes, filmed in a manner dynamic enough to maintain a brisk pace throughout.

The encounters with the protagonists often colourful and pretty barges also give rise to moments of strong improbable, but quite tasty. It was as well loved the family of the lord and that of the grandmother not as tough as his family believed. Of course, some characters are sometimes poussifs, even without any real interest, if not to highlight the stupidity (Fekir), greed (the priest played by Elie Semoun), or perhaps to make fun of one of the key players (the appearance of Julie Vignali, a companion to the city of Kad Merad).

Just like I’m doing better talking to all of those who have a bad back, THE COMFORTER will speak to many parents and children traumatized by the loss of a security blanket. But you can’t make a movie about this a transitional object, and so reassuring for a child, without mentioning the subject the deeper and more intimate fatherhood. All that it stands for Michel and still not a great thing for Sofiane. Because seek a security blanket to another, even if at the beginning it is to earn a reward, it is already worrying about a bit of this other, it is learning how to be in empathy with his family. Look for a security blanket, it is, paradoxically, grow up a bit and become responsible. And it is this that will discover Sofiane: attachment by proxy at a little girl and the change in his view of his own life. Because the two heroes will also transform and enhance the contact of one another. Nice surprise, THE BLANKET is, therefore, reveals a family comedy full of tenderness and a real feel good movie.


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THE COMFORTER, a breath of tenderness – Critical
Original title : The blanket

Realization : Philippe Mechelen, Julien Hervé

Scenario : Philippe Mechelen, Julien Hervé, Nessim Chikhaoui

Main actors : Kad Merad, Malik Bentahla, Romain Lancry, David Halls

Release Date : 20 June 2018

Duration : 1h26 min
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