The Descent 2 : trailer (VF/HD)

Here is the trailer of The Descent 2

The pitch : Survivor of the expedition speleological of ” The Descent “, Sarah emerges only one of the caves of the Appalachian mountains, traumatized by the events.24 hours later, the local sheriff forces him to back down under the earth in order to guide the rescue team which is desperately searching for her five friends disappeared. As the group plunges into the depths, Sarah begins to realize the full horror of this mission.

The danger that lurks, lurking in the darkness of the cave, is even more fierce than the one to which Sarah has survived…

The Descent 2 was directed by Jon Harris (first feature film, editor on Eden Lake and The Descent) with Shauna Macdonald (the series Aaron Stone, Saw 6), Natalie Jackson Mendoza (The Descent, Moulin Rouge) and Gavan O Herlihy (Superman 3, Never More Never).

National release on October 14, 2009.

The Descent 2 : trailer (VF/HD)

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