The Hedgehog : trailer

Here is the trailer for the Hedgehog

The pitch : The story of an unexpected encounter: of Paloma Josse, a little 11 year old daughter, formidably intelligent and suicidal, of Renée Michel, concierge of the parisian discreet and solitary, and the enigmatic Mr. Kakuro Ozu.

The film, adapted from the novel of Muriel Barbery (The Elegance Of the Hedgehog), has been directed by Mona Achache, already noticed, thanks to Eden in The West, and includes Josianne Balasko, the young Garance Le Guillermic (Go Quickly And come Back Later, I Hate Other people’s Children !) and Togo Igawa.

Release Date scheduled for July 03, 2009.

I let you discover the trailer of this drama, while poetry, while finesse :

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