The Hero with a thousand face

Le Héros aux mille et un visage

The Hero with a thousand and one faces


From Campbell to Vogler.

Despite the years of experiences, researches, discussions with other writers, directors and producers, there is a book that has changed my life as a writer : “The hero with a thousand and one faces” by Joseph Campbell. But this would not be fair if I did not make the link from Campbell to Vogler.






You can read here and there that reduce the writing to a single structure (a schema for narrative) or the theory of the Monomythe (One Myth) is false and/or gearbox. But on closer look, most of the people who hold this speech have never read the work of Campbell or have not pushed further reflection and analysis of his work. Yet the Hero’s Journey is the key to many stories. According to the multitude of filmmakers who apply or have applied, such as Stanley Kubrick or George Lucas with Star Wars, for example, this “recipe” works “. It also works for novelists, the success of J. K Rowling with Harry Potter is the perfect example.

But let us return for a moment on the concept of the monomythe which is the source of the hero with the thousand and one faces. Campbell puts forward the idea that all myths or rites of passage of all the civilizations of the world are based, or are constructed on one and the same story. Each time, this makes the story unique are the variations that are made from one nation to another.

What is even stronger is that Campbell divides these rites of passage into three parts

– Departure

– Initiation

– Return

Wouldn’t the three acts, that is to say, the basic structure of any story ? Of course, that yes.

As I have already explained in the article the Hero’s journey : Campbell divided into 12 key steps the hero with a thousand and one faces. I invite you also to read this article which will enlighten you on the concept.

Once you have your 3 actions, you can begin to ask the first 5 steps of the hero with the thousand and one faces as follows :

The call of adventure

– A series of tests

– Success of the journey, the hero has acquired a new know

– Back in the ordinary world

– Use of knowledge to improve the world

If you must have two books in your library (young) writer, ” the hero with a thousand and one faces “ by Joseph Campbell must be one of those. I invite you to order it immediately thanks to our partner.

And Vogler in all of this ?

Christopher Vogler is a scriptdoctor american. He works for Disney when he meets Joseph Campbell. This meeting will change his life. Just like to meet Vogler today during one of his Masterclass can change your life. It will then draw up a Memo of 7 pages which is taken up by all the majors, the reading of which was obligatory. Later he developed this memo to make a book : The writer’s journey (the guide writer).

In this book, Vogler goes even further than Campbell.

Here is a video or Alexandre Astier speaks of the method Vogler, interview conducted by Actingstudiofrance :


Vogler takes “to his account” the journey of the hero to transcribe the format of the scenario. I invite you to discover the cycle of the hero’s journey.

I spoke to you of two books to have in your library writer, you’ll understand that the second book is : the guide to the screenwriter Christopher Vogler.

You can order it through our partner :

These two books can help you go further in the understanding of the journey of the hero. I insist on the fact that they are essential in your work, your research.


IMPORTANT : Christopher Vogler is coming to do a masterclass in Paris on 23, 24 and 25 April. The price of training is $ 560 including tax. A French translation simultaneously is provided.

Here is the link where you can register :


After all these tips and tricks, the journey of the hero should no longer have secrets for you.

Give your scenario a dimension that you never knew existed.


Tom Weil

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