The Horde : First teaser

Here’s the first trailer for The Horde

The pitch : in The North of Paris. Decided to avenge the death of one of their own, a group of police officers takes over a tower HOUSING, which is barricaded, a band of gangsters, and finds himself unknowingly facing a horde of zombies. Cops and crooks will have no other solution than unite forces to overcome these beings are terrifying…

The Horde has been directed by the duo of Yannick Dahan / Benjamin Rocher (Rivoallan) with Claude Perron (Cortex, Do Not Remain Silent in The Face of Domestic Violence), Jean-Pierre Martins (Clerks Office, My Stars And Me) and Alain Figlarz (Babylon A. D., and Ca$h).

The film still has no release date, it was pushed back recently.

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