the man with the camera projection to the Strange festival

Man with a movie camera, directed by Dziga Vertov in 1929, is a work of fundamental importance in the history of cinema. particularly avant-garde, it is also a documentary than an experimental film, which has subsequently inspired many filmmakers.

It is rather easy today to discover the great classic movies thanks to the Internet, it is much harder to see in a film projection. Be aware that the man with the camera will be screened on the 14 September in the framework of theStrange festival. It’s up to the filmmaker Jan Kounen that that must be this projection. According to him, the man with the camera represents “The art of a film without words, which, by the mere juxtaposition of images and sounds, will distill complex feelings and emotions that are specific. The man with the movie camera is a film futurist, and Dziga vertov is a bit of a Kandinsky the film. It is the first to use his camera to film a gross basis from the moving image, by designing in 1929, the plans will be reflected over time in the lexicon of the filmmakers. The film is a milestone in the history of cinema and it is important to be able to see at least once on the big screen.”.

In addition, our partner Oblikon will be present at the Strange festival, and will offer criticism on the film of the highlights presented this year.

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