The Strange Festival 2009 – 15th edition

It offers the following editorial from di website of the official website of The Strange Festival , which runs from 4 to 13 September 2009, at the Forum des Images of Paris…

Still here!!!

Why strive to offer you for 10 days, and in the most total volunteer, the most beautiful plateau film ever dreamed of ?

Why try to believe that you’re salivating in advance to the idea of discovering works still more rare by the day, authors innovative, cinema at the margins of official history or of points of views against the current ?

Because it is always so exciting to know you are there, many and many to check the endless fields of a kind of cinema that disturbs, irritates, surprises, hurt, rejoice, revolt sometimes, motivates often, but never indifferent.

For proof, other than the turbulent German director Uwe Boll can still be teased by a surfeit of talent, with a sample explosive of 3 movies ? How many filmmakers have been able to retain a freedom of tone, to the limits of insolence, like that of the French Mario Mercier ? What cinematography contemporary pouring as much sensuality as the Pinku Eïga japanese from the late 70’s ? Double event this year, as we celebrate the return of the festival in the capital at the same time as its 15° anniversary. The program had to be at the height of our reputation. The immense science fiction writer, Norman Spinrad, Bruce LaBruce, filmmaker the most controversial of the moment, you offer everyone a flawless white card.

This edition coincides with the release of the first feature of the duo’s epic Patar & Sapwood, which has accompanied us since the creation of the festival. Ideal opportunity to provide them with an entire weekend consisting of a carte blanche, an exhibition and a workshop probably hilarious. The same goes for one of the most brilliant creators of the current movie, the japanese Satoshi Tomioka, who, on the occasion of his first coming to Europe, we has put together a workshop exciting. Companions on the road over the last 15 years, the archaeologists of the image Serge Bromberg & Eric Lange are, more than ever, to our sides to give you a flashback to the helter-skelter ! Franco nero committed, the most beautiful eyes of cinema transalpine, is honouring us with his presence for a festive evening.

Finally (phew !), the international competition of short films takes its ease, and runs now on four programs always exciting.

Welcome to our home !

The Strange Festival

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