THE WILD BOYS, the island of doctor Mandico – Critical

We missed THE BOYS WILD to its theatrical release in February. Even if the big screen is more appropriate to this kind of visual feast and sensory, we could not decently’t miss VOD.

The summer holidays are prone to sessions of catching up on DVD, Blu-ray or VOD. If you do not have the opportunity to go on a trip in this month of July, you can embark for two hours on the ship, Bertrand Mandico, it is certainly exotic. Videographer of contemporary art as much as a filmmaker, Mandico triturated for twenty years a texture audiovisual to extract a sensory experience that is not without reminding us of the intentions of Cattet and Forzani. The result is a first feature film so disturbing that one would think that the psyches of Jess Franco, Jean Rollin , and Walerian Borowczyk is interprénetrent inside a same dream.

In a first time, one is tempted to consider THE WILD BOYS as a picture book illustrating a fairy tale for adults, with the promise of forbidden urges us to turn the pages and to surrender to wonder. But look more closely, the work haunting of Mandico is to compose a work of aesthetic inspiring precision and radicality, along paths already marked out by the cinema, particularly those of the adventure movie. Increasing the spectacular natural scenery and a share of artificiality as cinégénique, the director shall convene the series B of the thirties, forty and fifty, and with them the charm of the stories, exotic Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack (King Kong, The Hunting of count Zaroff). While keeping the attraction towards the unknown that it brings the adventure stories, Mandico imbues the genre with a sensuality news, with in strategic places, breasts, hair, yards, and exultations of various shapes.It is necessary to leave to spend a moment dazed before you can judge at fair value all of the reasons both organic and dream-like throughout the film. Has the image of the multitude of white dots that surround the title, this set of patterns can also be well seen as a cluster of strange particles as a constellation of stars. The director seems to completely assume its tastes of the dandy, which is flush with a network of impulses, and fantasies that guide the story of a sex deviant to a femininity unreal. Crossed by fluids that cause sometimes a black and white silky, sometimes of the color of madness, the image carries with it its own charm, biting, scratching, whipping and those on whom it is home, for better stroking and licking the wounds afterwards. A delicious and confusing mixture of salt rough of the rough sea, and the sugar free sweets from the island of the metamorphoses.

Young faunas blasphemers and atheists, the five teenagers admit that they believe they were immortal before that the island operates their physical transformation and emotional ; it is to wonder if this extraordinary place is not in the end an eden pagan. Thus, in discovering their femininity, THE WILD BOYS do not acquire simply a new perception of their body, but also learn about their humanity and their mortality, as if a god (or goddess) reveal himself to them in the fervor pagan.


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THE WILD BOYS, the island of doctor Mandico – Critical
Original title :The wild Boys

Achievement :Bertrand Mandico

Scenario :Bertrand Mandico

Main actors :Vimala Pons, Diane Rouxel and Anaël Snoek

Release Date :February 28, 2018

Duration : 1h50min
3.5final grade
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