The Gérard du Cinema 2009 : And the winner is…

It was not going to move to the side of the winners of the Gerard Cinema 2009 when…

  • Gerard of the casting error

Richard Berry taking over the role of Lino Ventura in The Student

  • Gérard title Max Pécas

Hikers in Saint-Tropez by Philippe Harel

  • Gérard director or actor who speaks about his film as if it was the last Fellini, then, that even you you do more with your Nokia and three friends stuffed

Francis Huster for A Man And His Dog

  • Gerard of the feignasse so casual with the acorn that it recycles one of his old skits into a movie an hour and a half

Gad Elmaleh for Coco

  • Gérard director who always makes the same film, but it’s a little less well every time

Agnès Jaoui to Tell Me Of The Rain, a little less, although As An Image, a little worse than The Taste Of Others

  • Gérard the film, which has a name of old


  • Gerard, the actor that we hired at the start because he was ugly and that it was fun, but we ended up doing a sex symbol by making him wear a sweater with a V-neck to even the skin and a beard of three days, but objectively, it still has the same mouth

Jean-Paul Rouve in Without Weapons, Nor Hatred, Nor Violence

  • Gerard in the movie who wanted to get out in the fresh during the summer but luckily it was the eye

The Girl From Monaco

  • Gerard of the film to which before going there you had a doubt and a certainty

The Student of Francis Veber

  • Gérard actress not very good at it, but that he would be well on the zguègue, right guys ?

Vahina Giocante in Secret Defense

  • Gérard actress who enjoys the best of the networks of her husband

Arielle Dombasle in The Possibility Of An Island

  • Gérard despair female

Catherine Deneuve in Cyprian

  • Gerard of honour for the whole of his career

Antoine De Caunes

  • Gerard’s desperation male

Cali in Magic

  • Gerard’s worst movie

Cyprien by David Charhon

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