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Trucs et Astuces cinéma : la carte de visite

Make A Movie : tips and Tricks To Succeed.

The business card


Take the lead and stand out !!!!!

I didn’t intend to write an article today. But the encounters that I made last night lead me to do so. Before we go any further. Please be aware that this article concerns all those who come on this site and beyond !

So whether you’re a screenwriter, director, editor, storyborder, assistant mise en scene etc….

Be sure to READ WHAT is to FOLLOW ;o)

Yesterday evening I was at the screening of a premiere of a tv movie. Even if a writer or a producer to spend most of their time in an office to torture the meninges, it is necessary from time to time they go out to meet new people, enlarge their network….and breathe ! Whether they are experienced or novice.

This kind of place : the front first, the festivals of short films, the cocktails, the celebration of the end of filming etc..are the best places to meet the world. So get out there !

In short projecting ends, everyone leaves the room and heads towards the ” glass of friendship “. I discuss the end of fat with my friend film director and during our conversation 5 people are coming to “take the temperature” and sell. Two of them wanted to have “plans” to be on a shooting, another wanted the pipes to meet the producers, the fourth was a young wizard and the last, we had submitted a demo cd with his short films….and I am confident that they have done the same thing to other people.

The approach is good or even inevitable, but….

….you know what ? only some of them have ” the ultimate weapon “ for that one to be remembered ! A BUSINESS CARD !!!!!!!!!!

Good ” ultimate weapon “ may be I’m exaggerating a bit, but I’m not far from the truth. Why ? Because one encounters a multitude of people who scribble their such or their mail address on a piece of paper and ” that “this is not a professional and most of the time these papers end up in the garbage. This morning in doing my pockets to find my keys, I came across the business card of the guy from the day before…and you know what ? well, I row, she has not finished in the trash. It is cultural ! it does not throw a business card as a vulgar piece of paper : yes. Even if you don’t have a great experience make you make cards, you will go for someone serious and prepared!!!

it takes you 10 minutes, watch in hand , and it costs you nothing. here are some examples that you can find.

More easy to slip a card in his wallet or the cover of his notebook rather than a paper half ripped off.

So :

– You have an association : make a business card.

You must look for a decoration : let cards.

– You want to dealer the stuff to a company, leave a business card.

– You deposit or send a scenario, a demo : Staple a business card


The worst part of the story is that today you can find for free on the net!!!! you can put your name, logo, slogan…..etc….in short, what you want AND It IS FREE !!

The examples above I’ve made on vistaprint. I invite you to go on a tour on this site, firstly because they are pro and fast, and secondly, you help this site, so that it is accessible to all and free of charge.


Keep in mind that not having a business card is a negative point. Don’t spend more for an AMATEUR. Of course I’m talking about real cards not STUFF made with cardstock, paper, Canson or manufactured by tata Gisele ! Unless you want you grill.

As you can see on the examples of business card that I put, there are few frills. It is necessary that your card is simple and it contains only the essential information : Name, Surname, Position, E-mail, Site. As an option, you can add your address. This is why in my opinion the best map presented here is the 4th in the bottom right…

Last thing : Thanks to the link that I put you, you’ll be able to get your card. Do not hesitate to choose a paper weight thicker and / or a style of printing to be fine. Will set you miles apart even more. But do not overdo it.

The chosen options will cost only a few euros, but the result will be the height. Above all, do not lose sight of that put 5 or 6 euros for a tool as powerful ( and here I weigh my words) this is nothing to the view of what you can win.

Trust me because it works !!

Good luck,


Tom Weil


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I called Tom Weil, I am an assistant director for film and television, and as you can imagine I am a passionate of cinema since very young. I created this website almost 3 years now to bring you my help…

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