[tv] Monday, 2 September 2013 : The program on tv tonight

Each day, we advise you to take 2 films to see on tv that night : a film on the set of strings and another, exclusively on TNT.

In the programme tonight : THE EMERALD FOREST and HOPE & GLORY – THE WAR IS SEVEN YEARS old, both directed by John Boorman.

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Card program

Tommy, aged 7, the son of Bill Markham, an american engineer who came to build a hydropower dam on the edge of the amazon forest and is abducted by a tribe of indians : the Invisible. For ten years, and his father search in vain, while Tommy is raised by the tribe according to the culture of the Invisible.

When he gets the initiation which made him a man, he left alone in the forest to look for stones in which the mud is extracted allows his clan to be invisible. During his quest, he finds his father Bill, who has been wounded by the Ferocious, the sworn enemy of the Invisible. He took her in his camp, where the sorcerer Wanadi the heals. Once healed, he wants to join the site of the dam, taking Tommy with him, but he refuses and leaves it alone.

Returning to the camp, Tommy realizes that the Fierce captured the women of his people to trade with the Whites against firearms. With the rest of the men of the tribe, he tries to free the women, but they are almost all killed by the weapons fire of the Fierce. The survivors ask the father to Tommy to come to their aid. It organizes a raid on traffickers in prostitution and the women of the Invisible. After that Tommy has found his wife, Kachiri, her father admits that the construction of the dam is the source of the devastation of the forest, and thinks the blow. Tommy stayed with his wife and his adopted people !

Technical data sheet

Original title : The Emerald Forest

Production : John Boorman

Screenplay : Rospo Pallenberg

Main actors : Powers Boothe, Meg Foster, Yara Vaneau, William Rodriguez, Estee Chandler, Charley Boorman

Producers : John Boorman, Michael Dryhurst, Edgar F. Gross

Country of origin : United Kingdom

Released : June 26, 1985

Duration : 1h50mn


• The filming took place in Belém, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and on the construction site of the dam of the Tucuruí (Pará).

• The film is based on a true story, read by the screenwriter Rospo Pallenberg in the Los Angeles Times, that of an engineer in peru, whose son had been abducted by Indians.

• Charley Boorman, who plays Tommy, the son of Bill Markham, is the son of the filmmaker.


• Prize Nomination for best music, best photography and best makeup (Peter Frampton, Paul Engelen, Anna Dryhurst, Luis Michelotti, Beth Presares), during the BAFTA Awards in 1986.

• Nomination for the César for best poster (Zorane Jovanovic) in 1986.

Source : Wikipedia

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at 20h40

Card program

The beginning of the Second world War. It will be seen with the eyes of Bill, a young seven year old boy who lives in the suburbs of London. The father of Bill is committed. The mother then decided to send his children in Australia. But, once in the train station, for fear, distress, and love, she does not know what to do, and brings them back to London. Life goes on, punctuated by the alerts, the bombs, the houses destroyed, the love of the eldest daughter to a soldier of the French canadian ; the war, for the boy, looks like a great adventure. When the family home catches fire, it is forced to move out to the countryside, in the house of the great father, in which the war seems to no longer exist. It is to the grandfather that the film will end.

Technical data sheet

Original title : Hope and Glory

Production : John Boorman

Screenplay : John Boorman

Main actors : Sebastian Rice-Edwards, Sarah Miles, David Hayman, Sammi Davis

Country of origin : United Kingdom

Released : 25 November 1987

Duration : 1h53mn


• Oscars 1988 :

Oscar Nomination for best film

Oscar Nomination for best director

Oscar Nomination for best adapted screenplay

Oscar Nomination for best photography

Oscar Nomination for best art direction

• Golden Globe for best film musical or comedy 1988

• Nominated for the Grand Prix of the Union of the film critic in 1989

• LAFCA best film 1987

Source : Wikipedia

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