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In the programme tonight : MISSION on France Ô and PRESUMED GUILTY on Ciné+ Premier.

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Technical data sheet

Original title : The Mission

Realization : Roland Joffé

Screenplay : Robert Bolt

Main actors : Robert De Niro, Jeremy Irons, Aidan Quinn, Liam Neeson

Country of origin : United Kingdom

Genre : Drama, History

Released : October 1, 1986

Duration : 126 minutes

Synopsis : In the middle of the Eighteenth century, cardinal Altamirano, apostolic visitor of the jesuit missions in South America, writes his report to the pope. The thread of what he writes, he reviews what he has learned over the last few months. A Spanish jesuit priest ventured into the rainforest of south america in the eighteenth century to convert the Indians : a job approach to a difficult, but successful due to the music. He is soon joined by a former slave hunter is converted and seeking redemption. The priest did visit several missions to cardinal Altamirano is impressed by the quality of development and of life he found there. At the end of his stay, Altamirano reveals the decision, which in fact had been made even before his arrival in South America : the jesuits must leave the discounts. The priest and the brother Rodrigo, refuse to abandon the Guaraní. In a different way, they organized resistance to the onslaught of the Portuguese army came to enforce the agreements, signed in Europe, the sharing of land between the Spanish and the Portuguese. The mission is destroyed : the Guarani returned to the forest.

The cardinal concluded his report : “And so, Your holiness… your priests are dead… and me… living. But in truth, it is I who am death… while they are alive. As it always goes, Your holiness. The spirit of the dead survives… in the memory of the living “.

This film tells in 2: 00 am the 150-year history of reductions in guaraníes, a kind of autonomous republics created by the jesuits and approved by the Spanish colonial power, on the borders of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. He also alluded to the War of the Guarani of 1754-1756.


• The spectacular opening scene of the film was shot at the waterfalls of Iguazú.

• The film’s budget is estimated at 24 500 000 $.

• The true guaraní being too acculturés and a few of them, the director has found the ethnic group of the Waunana to ensure the representation and the roles of indians. This people little touched by western culture lives in Colombia, at the edge of the San Juan river in the region of Choco. Three villages, representing approximately 1,500 people (men, women and children) have been moved to the scene of the shooting where their way of life has been reconstructed on the river Don Diego, at the edge of the Siera Nevada, to 1 500 km away.

• The film has largely been shot at the Iguazu national Park in Argentina.

• Most of the members of the team had contracted dysentery during the filming. Robert De Niro is one of the only ones not to have suffered.


• Palme d’or at the Cannes film festival 1986

• BAFTA Awards, 1987 Ennio Morricone, Jim Clark, Ray McAnally

• Oscar for best photography in 1987

Source : Wikipedia

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at 20.45

Card program

Technical data sheet

Production : Vincent Garenq

Scenario : Vincent Garenq

Main actors : Philippe Torreton, Noémie Lvovsky, Raphaël Ferret

Country of origin : France, Belgium

Genre : Drama, Autobiographical

Released : September 7, 2011

Synopsis : The film tells the story of Alain Marécaux, one of the accused in the Outreau case.

Arrested in November 2001 along with 13 other persons, wrongly accused of acts of paedophilia, he will spend 23 months in prison.

Forced to sell his study, his wife will leave him and he would be separated from her children, before being finally acquitted in December 2005.

His mother will die of sadness (and hunger) during the first months of his incarceration.

It will make several suicide attempts and a hunger strike and will be released almost dying.

Ten years later, it was reconstructed partly : a new companion, a new study… but has never managed to re-create real connections with their children.


• The film is a faithful adaptation of the book by Alain Marécaux, a Chronicle of my miscarriage of justice, published in may 2005 by editions Flammarion.

• The team of the film has not had permission to film on the premises of the facts. The scenes supposed to take place in the jail of Beauvais were filmed in a prison in Belgium, those in prison d’ Amiens in the Loos-lez-Lille. The scenes of trial that were not turned in Boulogne-sur-mer but in the paris region.

• Philippe Torreton lose 27 pounds to embody Alain Marécaux emaciated by 98 days of hunger strike.

Awards and nominations

• Valois in the audience at the fourth Festival du film francophone d’angoulême in 2011, Philippe Torreton receives the Valois for best actor.

• Prize for Best european film at the 68th Venice international film Festival.

• Nominated for the César of the best actor and for the César for best adaptation in 2012.

Source : Wikipedia

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