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Each morning, writing the Blog from the Cinema advise you 2 movies to see on tv that night : a film on the set of strings and another, exclusively on TNT, so not to forget anyone !

In the programme tonight : Infernal Affairs on Number 23 and Some Like it Hot on the Ciné+ Classic.

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On Number 23 at 20h40

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Technical data sheet

Original title : Mou gaan dou

Production : Andrew Lau, Alan Mak

Screenplay : Felix Chong, Alan Mak

Main actors : Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Andy Lau, Anthony Wong Chau-sang, Eric Tsang

Country of origin : Hong Kong

Released : September 1, 2004

Duration : 101 minutes


The Hong Kong police and a triad engage in a ruthless fight. To defend its interests, Sam, the godfather of the mafia, decides to infiltrate men into the police force. Its best element, Lau Kin Ming, enjoys a spotless reputation and rose through the ranks of the hierarchy. At the same time, the police decide to send in his best element, Chan Wing Yan, as a mole in the mafia. Its mission is to collect enough information to bring down Sam. To keep the secrecy of this mission, only the commissioner Wong is aware of his actions and of his true identity. Gradually, Yan monte also in the hierarchy of mafia to become one of the main right arm of Sam.

The day where police and mafia are beginning to realize that a mole has infiltrated in each of the camps, a race against the clock is committed. The first of which will be unmasking the other will prevail… But in a way, these two undercover agents are going to have to face their own demons. In fact, the mafia book, a violent war to discover who is the mole while the police promises a great reward to the one who will find the traitor…


Infernal Affairs contains a few nods to the movies of John Woo foolproof (Hard Boiled). In the latter, Tony Leung plays the role of a mole in the police force, and several scenes with the commissioner are reminiscent of Infernal Affairs (e.g. the scene or the commissioner wants him to be her birthday). Likewise, Anthony Wong, who plays the commissioner Wong in Infernal Affairs, plays the role of a mobster in Hard Boiled.


• Prize of the audience at the Far East Film Festival 2003.

• Award for best film, best screenplay, best director, best actor (Tony Leung Chiu-wai) and best supporting actor (Anthony Wong), at the Golden Bauhinia Awards 2003.

• Award for best film, best director, best actor (Tony Leung), best supporting actor (Anthony Wong), and best sound effects (Kinson Tsang), at the Golden Horse Film Festival 2003.

• Award for best film, best director, best screenplay, best editing, best actor (Tony Leung Chiu-wai), best supporting actor (Anthony Wong) and best song (Ronald Ng, Infernal Affairs) at the Hong Kong Film Awards 2003.

• Award for best actor (Anthony Wong) and film award of merit at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards 2003.

• Prize for best foreign film at the Blue Ribbon Awards 2004.

Source : Wikipedia

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On Cine+ Classic at 20.45

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Technical data sheet

Original title : Some Like It Hot

Réalisation : Billy Wilder

Screenplay : Billy Wilder, I. A. L. Diamond

Main actors : Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon

Country of origin : United States

Released : 25 September 1959

Duration : 120 min.


Two jazz musicians, unemployed, involved involuntarily in a settlement of accounts between gangsters, turn into musicians for their escape. They will go to Florida with an orchestra of women. They fall immediately in love with a lovely, blonde creature, Lark, who wants to marry a billionaire.


• The film is considered a remake of the German film released in 1951 Fanfaren der Liebe directed by Kurt Hoffmann, and written by Michael Logan that he has himself then rewritten in adaptation american by adding a few changes.

• The hotel used as a setting to evoke Florida is the Del Coronado Hotel San Diego (California).

• A note, that Tony Curtis would have made as an aside during the viewing of rushes, has been around the world. Enraged by the delay constant of Marilyn Monroe as well as lack of safety in the workplace and in the many outlets to perform, Curtis was reported to have commented that” kissing Marilyn Monroe was like kissing Hitler “. He repeatedly denied this, including in a story on the film in 2001 for the needs of its DVD release.

• For the role eventually taken by Jack Lemmon, Billy Wilder had originally chosen Frank Sinatra; but the latter did not wish to be ” Daphne “, a man posing as a woman. As for the role of Marilyn Monroe, the first choice was Mitzi Gaynor : the final distribution does not match so much the original choices of the director.

• This movie is part of the List of the BFI’s 50 films to see before 14 years established in 2005 by the British Film Institute.

• It is classified first by the AFI in the list of american movies, the funniest of the twentieth century, in front of Tootsie and Dr. dr folamour.


• Oscar 1960 best costumes for a film in black and white won by Orry-Kelly

• BAFTA 1960 best actor foreign to Jack Lemmon

• Golden Globes 1960 : Best comedy, Best actor in a comedy Jack Lemmon, Best actress in a comedy for Marilyn Monroe.

• Writers Guild of America (association of writers of americans) : Prize for best screenplay comedy-Billy Wilder and I. A. L. Diamond.

• Laurel Awards 1960 : Second prize of the best actress of the year in a comedy for Marilyn Monroe

Source : Wikipedia

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