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Each day, we advise you to take 2 films to see on tv that night : a film on the set of strings and another, exclusively on TNT.

In the programme tonight : where EAGLES dare by Brian G. Hutton and crossfire by Edward Dmytryk.

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at 20.45

Card program

In 1944, a british commando was parachuted into Austria near the village of Werfen in land Salzburg, in the austrian Alps to less than 40 km south-east of Berchtesgaden and the eagle’s nest of Hitler in Bavaria) to retrieve a u.s. general, prisoner in a fortress nazi, the Hohenwerfen (” Castle of eagles “). But very soon, two members of the commandos die, and it seems that at least three other play a double game.

Technical data sheet

Original title : Where Eagles Dare

Achievement : Brian G. Hutton

Screenplay : Alistair MacLean

Main actors : Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood

Production companies : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Country of origin : United Kingdom, United States

Genre : War, adventure

Released : June 23, 1969

Duration : 2h35mn


• For the music of the film, the composer seems to be inspired by the symphonic poem Prometheus by Franz Liszt.

• The trimoteur Ju 52 that you see at the beginning and at the end is one of three belonging to the aviation switzerland, who maintained with the greatest care. For the film, it was repainted following the photos and diagrams are published from 1962 by the historian Balcke. He kept this decoration for many years, to the great joy of the tourists.

• The hunters (supposed to be German), in which the hero can destroy a squadron complete, at the end, are the aircraft T-6 american much less successful.

• The helicopter German (in reality, a Bell 47 from the u.s.) also destroyed by the hero is a pure invention of the screenwriters. The Luftwaffe had a squadron of helicopters, but only from February 1945, and the model was very different (birotor); the mountain rescue was their only job.

• This film inspired the Iron Maiden song of the same name as the movie (Where Eagles Dare) on the Piece of Mind album (1983). Iron Maiden was a nickname given by the anglo-saxons in the Ju 52.

Source : Wikipedia

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at 20h40

Card program

Investigating the murder of a veteran, a jew, captain Finlay learns that the victim spent his last hours with three soldiers on leave in Montgomery, Bowers and Mitchell, whose wallet was found near the corpse.

Technical data sheet

Original title : Crossfire

Achievement : Edward Dmytryk

Screenplay : John Paxton, based on the novel by Richard Brooks

Main actors : Robert Young, Robert Mitchum, Robert Ryan, Gloria Grahame, Paul Kelly, Sam Levene

Production companies : RKO Radio Pictures

Country of origin : United States

Genre : Film noir

Released : 15 October 1947

Duration : 1h26mn


• Cannes film Festival (1947) : Award for best film on social

• Edgar Allan Poe Awards (1948) : Edgar best film

• Oscars du cinéma (1948) : academy award nominations for best film, best director (Edward Dmytryk), best screenplay (John Paxton), best actor in a secondary role (Robert Ryan) and best actress in a secondary role (Gloria Grahame)

• BAFTA Awards (1949) : nominated in the BAFTA best film from any source

Source : Wikipedia

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