Victor, or the expected return of Pierre Richard

It must be said that the actor was rare, very rare in the movies – as the first role – that thing repaired with Victor

Victor is the latest film by Thomas Gilou (The Truth If I Lie, Black Mic-Mac, Michou D Auber) with Pierre Richard, Lambert Wilson, Antoine Duléry, Clémentine Célarié and Sara Forestier.

The pitch : Alice, a young intern in a people magazine, takes a liking to her neighbor, Victor charming old scholar abandoned by all, and on the verge of being expelled from its housing. She will soon find a solution to his problem : to organize a contest in his journal that the gain will be the adoption of Victor. At the end of the audition, it is the family Saillard who wins the right to host it. But the arrival of the sémillant octogenarian supposed to bring joy and good humor quickly turns sour. The flaws of each burst at the great day, and overturn the framework of a family that seemed well under any report…

Why do we love ? For Pierre Richard, first of all, this is not anyone and it would be very unwise not to follow his career in film. Remember The Distracted in 1970 – of which he is the director – and then The tall Blond With One Black Shoe, The Race Has The Echalote, I Am Shy But I Treat Myself, The Shot Of the Umbrella, The Goat, without forgetting the famous saga François Pignon.

And then this strong interest in a current issue regarding the problem of the condition of older people and social exclusion (here the adoption of an old man with a family), which is filmed in a way that makes the movie funny and original.

A tour in the province in a dozen of cities based on the cast is already scheduled, launched with the Francophone Film Festival of Angouleme at the end of August.

Victor will be released on October 7, 2009 in cinemas. We present you here below a first teaser poster and some photos.

Victor : Teaser (VF)

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