What are the Naruto theme song names?

What are the Naruto theme song names?

“Naruto’s Theme”. The theme song that started it all way back in 2002.

  • “Sadness and Sorrow”/”Grief and Sorrow”. One of the best “sad” tracks in any form of media,whether that’s anime,video games,film,or TV.
  • “Orochimaru Fight”.
  • “Sasuke’s Theme”.
  • “Beautiful Green Wild Beast”.
  • “Naruto’s Daily Life”.
  • “Dance”.
  • “Confrontment”.
  • “Heavy Violence”.
  • Where can I download mp3 songs for free?

    YouTube. Yes,don’t be shocked! YouTube is number one if you can use it properly.

  • Jamendo.com. On jamendo.com people share their music for free for commercial use. It leads to a rain of musical compositions,making it a bit hard to find the needed one.
  • SoundCloud.com. SoundCloud is one of the most famous sites where you can download music legally.
  • Last.fm. Last.fm is famous for a great music collection. You might think that’s it’s only possible to stream tracks without downloading them.
  • Wikipedia.org. It may sound crazy,but you can find free music on…It’s media library is not that big and includes mostly classical tracks.
  • Musopen.org. Musopen.org is also a nice source of free instrumental music,especially for those who learn and teach to play music instruments.
  • Amazon.com. Amazon.com is the most famous site for online shopping. Here you can get literally everything starting from a dress and ending up with automobile wheels.
  • Noisetrade.com. With noisetrade.com you can find a lot of music compositions and download them trouble free. The interface is quite stylish,which makes it pleasant to navigate on the site.
  • Vimeo.com. Looks strange,doesn’t it? But yes,apart of videos,Vimeo has a music library. And it’s quite good!
  • What is MP3 music?

    Record albums converted sound into grooves in vinyl and back to sound.

  • 8-Track and cassette tapes convert sound into magnetic imprints and back to sound.
  • CDs convert sound into digital 1’s and 0’s that imprint on a layer of a compact disk and are read back into sound.
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