What developer do you use with Koleston Perfect?

What developer do you use with Koleston Perfect?

Koleston Perfect is a permanent colour range used with Welloxon Perfect developers 4%, 6%, 9%, 12% and 1.9% Welloxon Perfect Pastel for pastel toning. Use 4% Welloxon Perfect working on the same depth or darker, to achieve deeper results on natural hair with no grey/white hair coveragerequired.

How do you mix Wella Koleston Perfect with developer?

Apply 1 part of your target shade and 2 parts of Welloxon Perfect Pastel Developer 1.9% + 2ml of WELLAPLEX N°1 Bond Maker in every 30g of color. PURE GLOSSING A quick service to infuse color and radiant shine on the day or as a color top-up in-between visits to keep that perfect colorful result.

What do you mix illUmina with?

1 : 1 : 1
To achieve a shine that’s luminous in every light, we recommend illUmina color in a mixing ratio of 1 : 1 : 1. 1 part illUmina color, 1 part 1.9 % color Touch emulsion and 1 part Wella care Post Treatment Service conditioner or System Professional color Save conditioner.

What is the development time for Koleston Perfect?

30-40 min
Distribute the color from roots to ends and comb through. Development time: HEAT: 30-40 min / + HEAT*: 15-25 min.

Can I use color touch developer with Illumina?

In addition to typical permanent color services, ILLUMINA color can also be used to refresh mid lengths and ends when mixed 1:1 with Color Touch 1.9% developer and it can be used to offer clients a luxury glossing service when mixed in 1:1:1 with equal parts ILLUMINA Color, Color Touch 1.9% Developer, and Wella …

Can I use pastel developer with Illumina?

To achieve a shine luminous in every light, we recommend ILLUMINA COLOR mixing ratio of 1 : 1 : 1. 1 part ILLUMINA COLOR, 1 part Welloxon Perfect Pastel and 1 part Wella Care Post Treatment Service Conditioner or System Professional Color Save Conditioner.

What does 13 vol developer do?

What does it do? Raising the developer intensifies the tone of a gloss without having to drop a level. Most times, when we need to knock out more warmth or need a brighter warmth, we would drop the level to get more pigment. When you raise just the developer, it keeps things extra bright and that tone pops even more.

What is 1.9 developer used for?

Color Touch Developer is a 1.9%, 6 vol cream lotion from Wella Professionals, specially formulated for use with the popular Color Touch and Color Touch Relights systems. It gives beautiful, long-lasting colour results.

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