What element is Cole From Ninjago?

What element is Cole From Ninjago?

Earth. Earth is an element, currently used by Cole. This element allows the user to make earthquakes. Cole can also do Earth Spinjitzu and Airjitzu.

What happened to the elemental dragons in Ninjago?

Without their dragons, the ninja and the Masters took the trucks and returned to the Samurai X Cave. According to Gravis, almost everyone lost their dragons; despite this, they still managed to defeat the cultists when Garmadon had himself banished to have them cursed.

Is Lloyd Garmadon an Oni?

Even those very distantly related to the Oni seem to have that power, as Garmadon and Wu, who are both only a quarter Oni, have been able to live for over a millennium. Despite their power of shapeshifting being similar to the Element of Form, the Oni don’t actually have the Elemental Power.

Where did the elemental blades go?

Tommy Andreasen suggested that the ninja got rid of their Blades after the events of “Rise of the Spinjitzu Master because the ninja were wise about balance, they knew not to hold onto anything too powerful, and the Ultra Dragon may have taken the blades to the Spirit Coves to guard them there.

Who is Cole in Lego Ninjago?

Cole is a firm favorite with LEGO® NINJAGO fans and a Cole minifigure can be found in lots of LEGO building toy playsets. The son of a dancer, Cole refused to follow in his father’s footsteps, and was instead recruited to be a ninja by Master Wu.

What happened to Cole and Lloyd in Ninjago?

After the defeat of Iron Baron (the leader of the Dragon Hunters ), Cole, along with the other four ninja and Wu (now the Dragon Master), returned home with the help of the Dragons. They managed to defeat the Colossus while Lloyd defeated his father, saving Ninjago once again.

How did Cole and the other ninjas get their elemental powers?

Cole and the other ninja (except Nya) could only harness their elemental powers in the past by being dependent on Lloyd. This may have been due to Lloyd sharing his Golden Power with them.

How did Cole become a ghost in Ninjago?

The Hageman Brothers decided to turn Cole into a ghost when they were looking at the product tests for Possession and thought it would be interesting for one of the ninja to become a ghost. Cole appears on a sticker representing a video game screen in a non- Ninjago set, 60291 Family House.

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