What happened to Zakuul?

What happened to Zakuul?

After the Battle of Zakuul, the Eternal Empire collapsed and was replaced by the Eternal Alliance, who assumed control over Zakuul. Though the planet submitted to Alliance rule, many revolts were attempted around the time of the War on Iokath.

How was the eternal fleet destroyed?

As the Flagship is vacated, the Eternal Fleet ship formed up and began charging a powerful energy attack. The Gravestone fired its omnicannon at the Flagship, the chain attack disrupting the Fleet’s attack. The Flagship then exploded, wiping out the entire Fleet and saving the Alliance from destruction.

What was the planet Nathema and what happened to it?

In the utter absence of any other food, the creatures turned to cannibalism, attacking and eating each other. Vitiate erased Nathema from the Sith history. The ritual transformed Vitiate, making him immortal and granting him immense power in the Force, and he shed his title to become known only as the Emperor.

What happened to Odessen?

Odessen was a planet located in the Wild Space, close to the Unknown Regions, that had a strong connection to the Force. After the Alliance prevailed over Zakuul and transformed itself into the new Eternal Alliance, Odessen became the capital of the new government.

Who is the dragon of Zakuul?

A carving of Zildrog as a dragon-god In the time long before the Great Hyperspace War, Zildrog was used on various planets in Wild Space, including a primitive world known as Zakuul, where the survivors came to worship it as a mythical dragon god.

Who are the eternal twins?

The Eternal Twins (Arcann and Thexan) The Eternal Twins first appeared in 2015’s Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire. These Force-sensitive brothers were trained from childhood to be warriors by their father, Emperor Valkorion (or Vitiate, as he’s known to the Old Sith).

How big was the Sith eternal fleet?

The fleet that the cult created—comprising more than a thousand Xyston-class Star Destroyers along with the requisite TIE/dg starfighters, fleet technicians, and Sith Eternal officers—was officially called the Final Order.

Was Vitiate more powerful than Palpatine?

Palpatine is a master duelist and is confirmed to be more powerful than Vitiate.

What did Darth Vitiate do?

Upon their arrival, Vitiate used his Force powers to mentally enslave every living being on the planet. Over the course of ten days, he was able to leech the life energy of all of them. All life on Nathema died, but Darth Vitiate was granted the power of immortality.

What happens if I shoot senya and Arcann?

If the player chooses to shoot down their ship, Senya will still escape with Arcann. You will still be able to companion Arcann if you shoot down the ship – just make sure to change your mind and choose to save him in the next major decision.

What’s beyond the outer rim?

Wild Space was the name given to the unmapped expanse beyond the Outer Rim. It was located “off the edge of the map,” where no one knew what was on the other side. In contrast, the so-called Unknown Regions were mapped but largely unexplored.

Is zakuul a planet in space?

Zakuul was a backwater planet located within Wild Space having possessed almost no contact with the rest of the galaxy due to its position. But early in its history, the planet was conquered by the builders of Iokath meant to be one of the many worlds to be used as live testing sites for their weapons.

What is the Eternal Empire of zakuul?

The Eternal Empire, also known colloquially as the Eternal Empire of Zakuul or the Zakuul empire, was a totalitarian dictatorship in the Outer Rim that was based on the Wild Space planet Zakuul. It was led by Emperor Valkorion sometime before the Galactic War that Valkorion sought to use to reshape the galaxy.

Where is zakuul located in Wow?

Zakuul was a planet located in the Unknown Regions and capital planet of the Eternal Empire. Located on the far western edge of the galaxy, Zakuul and the surrounding territory were considered part of Wild Space for a time after the ascension of the Eternal Empire.

Is zakuul the new superpower?

“Home to the Eternal Throne and defended by the Eternal Fleet, Zakuul has become the new superpower in the galaxy. An old civilization reshaped by Emperor Valkorion, Zakuul is technologically advanced, relying mainly on droid labor, with seemingly unlimited resources.

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