What is an antonym for Frontier?

What is an antonym for Frontier?

Opposite of located or positioned near, or at, a border. interior. inner. inside. internal.

What is frontier synonym?

border, boundary, partition, borderline, dividing line, bounding line, demarcation line. perimeter, limit, edge, rim. marches, bounds.

Which of these words is a synonym for frontier?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for frontier, like: border, edge, boundary, outskirts, verge, limit, country, backwoods, borderline, bound and march.

What does it mean to be the last frontier?

1A part of a country, region, etc. that is the last to be settled, explored, or developed. ‘the deep ocean is the last frontier of exploration on this planet’

What is the meaning of New Frontier?

1A newly established frontier, especially (in U.S. History) one marking a westward expansion of pioneer settlement. Later also: a region offering new opportunity, especially one which is unfamiliar.

Which is the closest antonym for the word primitive?

antonyms for primitive

  • modern.
  • new.
  • auxiliary.
  • minor.
  • secondary.
  • unimportant.
  • cultured.
  • current.

Which word is a synonym for Frontier?

Synonyms for Frontier: n. • outskirts. • march, area, marchland, borderland. • side, demarcation. • extraterritorial, clear, Redraw, cross-border, customs. •borderland (noun) marchland. •boundary (noun) confines, verge, limit, borderland, bound, perimeter, edge, march, borderline.

What is the meaning of the word frontier?

The definition of a frontier a border between two countries, or the outer limit of what has been explored. The border between United States and Canada is an example of a frontier.

What is the plural of frontier?

The plural form of frontier is frontiers.

What is urban frontier?

The urban frontier. And yet one can plausibly view Manhattan (and its borough outliers) as a frontier in two senses. First, like the rest of North America, New York was a geographic space that was settled along an irregular line of development over a long period of time, albeit from south to north rather than east to west.

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