What is an ECOGEAR SX40 fishing lure?

What is an ECOGEAR SX40 fishing lure?

Such a small 40mm sized lure that travels through the water parting an irresistible action. It’s an absolute master at bringing bream to their demise. With the shimmy and slow wobble action of the Ecogear SX40 fishing lures, they can entice fish from a distance away, and it isn’t just bream that will smack down this amazing little lure.

What does the sx40lc do?

The SX40LC is designed to cover vast areas and fish depths on light line up to 1.5 metres. Target species include bream, bass, trout, perch, flathead, whiting and most other fresh or saltwater light class estuarine fish.

What is ecoboulder+ by Ecoxgear?

Founded in San Diego, CA in 2010, ECOXGEAR is an innovative audio, power, solar and lighting company specializing in rugged, waterproof, and fully submersible solutions. The EcoBoulder+ by ECOXGEAR offers massive sound and great features for any indoor or outdoor event.

What is the difference between the SX40 and sx40lc lure?

Then, we sell the SX40LC Lure which builds upon the reputation of the highly successful SX40 but has a slightly more elaborate weight transfer system and a weight of 2.6 grams allowing you the ability to cast the SX40LC that little bit further. The SX40LC is designed to cover vast areas and fish depths on light line up to 1.5 metres.

What is Lure Fishbar?

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What is the best bream lure?

Ecogear SX40 Fishing Lures have dominated the Bream tournament scenes and continues to grow in popularity as the best Bream lure out there so buy one today and catch Bream as the pro anglers do. (More info…) *from $15 *Conditions apply (More info…)

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