What is azygoesophageal recess?

What is azygoesophageal recess?

The azygoesophageal. recess (AER) is the interface. of the subcarinal. mediastinum. and the right lower lobe.

What is Azygos fissure?

azygos fissure is a developmental abnormality caused by the right posterior cardinal vein (one of the precursors of the azygos vein) failing to migrate over the right lung apex, and instead penetrating and grooving it.

Where is the Azygoesophageal recess?

The azygoesophageal recess is located lateral or posterior to the esophagus and anterior to the spine. It extends from the anterior turn of the azygous vein to the aortic hiatus. The configuration of the azygoesophageal recess is normally a smooth arc convex to the left.

Is Azygos fissure normal?

The azygos vein, located at the bottom of the fissure, is visible as a teardrop-shaped opacity [2]. The incidence of this normal variant is estimated between 0.4% and 1.2% [2; 4]. Accessory pulmonary fissures, including the azygos fissure, are known to affect up to 50% of the population.

What is the lobe of azygos vein?

azygos lobe (lobe of azygos vein) a small anomalous lobe situated at the apex of the right lung, produced when the azygos vein arches over the upper part of the lung instead of at the hilus and presses deeply into the lung tissue to form a fissure that isolates a medial part of the lung.

What are azygos veins?

The azygos vein is a vein running up the right side of the thoracic vertebral column draining itself towards the superior vena cava. It connects the systems of superior vena cava and inferior vena cava and can provide an alternative path for blood to the right atrium when either of the venae cavae is blocked.

What causes an azygos fissure?

A convex shaped fissure is created by the course of the vein bearing towards the medial side of the right lung to join with the superior vena cava. Its formation is the result of an unusual embryogenic migration of the posterior cardinal vein, which is a precursor of the vena azygos.

What causes an azygos lobe?

The azygos lobe is formed when the right posterior cardinal vein, which is one of the precursors of the azygos vein penetrates the right lung apex, rather than migrating over it. The cardinal vein carries both pleural layers with it, resulting in entrapment of a portion of the right upper lobe.

What is lung fissure?

A pulmonary fissure is a boundary between the lobes in the lungs. Its segmentation is of clinical interest as it facilitates the assessment of lung disease on a lobar level. This paper describes a new approach for segmenting the major fissures in both lungs on thin-section computed tomography (CT).

What is the meaning of azygosophageal recess?

azygoesophageal recess. az·y·go·e·so·pha·ge·al re·cess. the region below the azygos vein arch in which the right lung intrudes into the mediastinum between the heart and vertebral column, bordered on the left by the esophagus.

What is the azygos region?

az·y·go·e·so·pha·ge·al re·cess the region below the azygos vein arch in which the right lung intrudes into the mediastinum between the heart and vertebral column, bordered on the left by the esophagus. Radiologically, on a frontal chest image, the vertical interface between the right lung and the esophagus.

What is the pathophysiology of right recess lung cancer?

Because the right lung extends into the recess, pathology in this region can often be detected radiographically and typically manifests as increased opacity and/or as a contour abnormality.

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