What is CareLogic?

What is CareLogic?

CareLogic is an ONC-certified, web-based electronic health record (EHR) system designed specifically for behavioral (mental) health and human services organizations. If you work for a behavioral health and human services organization, you likely chose that career path for reasons that extend beyond just a paycheck.

Is there a CareLogic app?

That’s why the CareLogic EHR platform offers the CareLogic Mobile app. The CareLogic EHR app is designed to improve productivity by allowing team members the use of key EHR functionality, even without internet access.

How do I delete a note in CareLogic?

1 Access the menu system that contains the shortcut you want to delete. 2 Click the shortcut you want to delete, and drag and drop it on the trash can icon. Note: Repeat this task for each menu system until you have customized CareLogic to display only the shortcut options you use most often.

How do I reset my CareLogic password?

First Time Logging In?

  1. Click “Did You Forget Your Password”
  2. You will be prompted to enter your email address.
  3. If your email is tied to a valid user account your will be sent an email with the link to reset your password.

What does CBC mean in CareLogic?

A client activity can be marked with any of the following statuses: Kept, Co-Staff, Checked In, In Session, CBC (Canceled By Client), CBT (Canceled By Therapist), DNS (Did Not Show), or Error. Appointment Status must be marked before CareLogic will allow adding any required service documentation.

How do I upload documents to CareLogic?

Anything you complete on paper can be scanned it into CareLogic.

  1. Perform a member search.
  2. Click the ECR button that corresponds to your member.
  3. Click Show Menu in the shortcut bar and click on the Document library link.
  4. The “Search Terms” is like a search feature.
  5. Click on Add a document to add one.

What does DNS mean in CareLogic?

What is carelogic enterprise?

CareLogic Enterprise is a fully featured Healthcare Software designed to serve Agencies, Startups. CareLogic Enterprise provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Healthcare system offers Claims Management, Self Service Portal, Employee Management, Appointment Reminders, E-Prescribing at one place.

Why choose yesyes no carelogic?

Yes No Carelogic is user-friendly for all levels of staff. we are able to serve our clients better and integrate outcomes within their records, bill electronically, report to funders, collect data for MIPS, state reporting and use reports to educate our managers and staff.

What do you like most about carecare logic?

Care Logic has created efficiencies in client record workflows and improved agency documentation compliance. Ability create and modify forms. User set-up and ability to limit view/access based on position. It took a long time to set up the billing functions which hindered agency cash flow. Helpful? Yes No

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