What is CCTV video analytics?

What is CCTV video analytics?

CCTV Analytics. Video analytics use scientific algorithms to automatically detect people, vehicles or other objects viewed via your CCTV video images. This sophisticated technology can also detect advanced events such as object left or removed, moving across a line, direction of travel and loitering.

What type of video recording solution does Bosch security currently offer?

With the DIVAR network and hybrid recording devices, Bosch provides exactly that. Specifically designed for 24/7 operation, these devices offer the ability to create video surveillance solutions with professional security features that are easy to install and simple to use.

What is intelligent tracking on camera?

Intelligent tracking automatically follows a moving object and dynamically adjusts the field of view to capture optimal images – even while the camera is panning, tilting or zooming.

What is video analytics a good example of?

A great example of video analytics used to solve real-world problems is the one of the city of New York. In order to better understand major traffic events, the New York City Department of Transportation used video analytics and machine learning to detect traffic jams, weather patterns, parking violations and more.

What can video analytics do?

Video analytics is a technology that processes a digital video signal using a special algorithm to perform a security-related function. That is, they try to determine if an unwanted or suspicious behavior is occurring in the field of view of a video camera and the algorithm notifies the console operator of the finding.

Where are Bosch security cameras made?

Bosch’s new manufacturing plant in Zhuhai, Guandong Province, China, produces products used in security systems.

Do Bosch security cameras have audio?

All Bosch IP cameras support customizable motion detection, audio detection, and anti-masking which increase the level of detection without adding costs.

Do surveillance cameras move?

Most home security cameras are motion-activated and will record when they detect motion, as well as send you an alert. Some can record 24/7, which is known as continuous video recording (CVR).

What is intelligent tracking prevention?

Intelligent Tracking Prevention uses on-device machine learning to block cross-site tracking, while still allowing websites to function normally. Smart Search field. The Smart Search field minimizes the amount of data passed to third-party search engines.

What can video analytics detect?

Video Analytics Processes For example, they allow video analyzing programs to detect and track objects such as vehicles, people, traffic lights, etc., in real-time. These objects are labeled and can be used for tasks such as vehicles or people-counting in crowded areas.

Which Bosch devices work best with BVMs?

BVMS is designed to work best with Bosch cameras and storage devices. For example, the edge-based analytics that resides within Bosch cameras can be fully utilized for Live (alarming) and recording (Forensic Search).

How do Bosch PTZ Cameras work on the move?

Unlike traditional Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, Bosch PTZ cameras feature Video Analytics on the move. Intelligent tracking automatically follows a moving object and dynamically adjusts the field of view to capture optimal images – even while the camera is panning, tilting or zooming. Video Analytics while moving is available in:

Why choose video analytics for video surveillance?

With Video Analytics, our focus is always on making video surveillance more relevant to you. So our solutions also come with a range of advanced features such as: The Intelligent Tracking feature automatically zooms in on and follows a selected object, so you never lose track of a potential security threat, or object of interest.

Do you need a central analytics server for your smart camera?

Every smart camera operates independently so there’s no need for a central analytics server. Decentralizing intelligence in this way means that a system can easily be scaled by adding more cameras, but also, if one camera fails, the rest of the system will maintain full performance.

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