What is MDaemon Outlook Connector?

What is MDaemon Outlook Connector?

MDaemon Connector for Outlook provides groupware and collaboration functionality by connecting the MDaemon Email Server with the Outlook client to use Outlook’s email, calendar with free/busy scheduling, address book, distribution lists, tasks, and notes.

How do I access MDaemon WorldClient?

WorldClient is accessed by typing an URL into the address bar of your web browser. The exact URL or IP address will depend on the name of the server and/or the configuration of your network. By default, WorldClient runs on port 3000, to avoid conflicts with any other web servers that may be installed.

How do I downgrade MDaemon?

(FAQ) How to downgrade to a previous version of MDaemon

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Mobile Device Management.
  3. Select BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  4. Un-check Enable BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  5. Click OK to stop the MDaemon BES services.

What is MDaemon ActiveSync?

ActiveSync provides synchronization of a user’s default and shared email, calendar, and contact data between their MDaemon/Webmail account and an ActiveSync capable device. …

How do I configure MDaemon in Outlook?

Configuring Outlook 2013/2016/2019 to sync a MDaemon account using ActiveSync

  1. Explore to the Control Panel.
  2. Select Mail.
  3. Select Add.
  4. Define a unique name for the new profile.
  5. Select Manual setup or additional server types.
  6. Select Next.
  7. Select Outlook.com or Exchange ActiveSync compatible service.
  8. Select Next.

What is MDaemon Worldclient?

MDaemon Webmail, provides easy access to your inbox, calendars, contacts, tasks, documents, and notes from the office, home, or any location that has Internet connectivity.

What’s new in MDaemon Email server?

Product Overview MDaemon Email Server About MDaemon Email Server Features Overview – New Features – Email Server – Email Security – Email AntiVirus (SecurityPlus) – Email Encryption – Email Archiving – Mobile Device Management – Remote Administration – Webmail (Web-Based Email) – Connector for Outlook – Instant Messenger – Email Server Migration

What is MDaemon mobile device management?

Mobile Device Management allows synchronization of your Emails, Calendar, Contacts MDaemon Email Server is a comprehensive messaging & collaboration solution providing secure, features for all businesses. We’re here to help.

How good is MDaemon?

Makes a great server, and incredibly easy to setup. mDaemon is an excellent package. One of the true measures of any system is how much downtime you have due to software glitches and all I can say is that I’ve had 99.8% uptime in the last 10 years of administering mDeamon.

What is mdmdaemon?

MDaemon provides a solid, standards-based mail server, plus Calendar, Contact and message sharing within Outlook, plus an excellent (and constantly evolving) web mail interface, plus BlackBerry (BES & BIS) and ActiveSync connectivity, plus email anti-virus, plus mailing lists.

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