What is the description of Visual Basic 2010 Express?

What is the description of Visual Basic 2010 Express?

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express is a basic and free toolkit to allow you to develop and build applications for the Web, your smart phone, desktop or the cloud. While billed as software for any level of developer, the people most likely to make use out of this toolkit are beginners.

What are the main components of Visual Basic 2010 Express?


  • The Visual Basic IDE is made up of a number of components.
  • Menu Bar.
  • Tool Bar.
  • Project Explorer.
  • Properties window.
  • Form Layout Window.
  • Toolbox.
  • Form Designer.

Is Visual Basic 2010 Express free?

This software is a free IDE (Integrated Development Environment) specifically created for programming students. Microsoft has released later versions of Visual Studio such as Visual Studio 2015. For the best course experience, please only use the 2010 Express version as described below.

What are the steps in building a Visual Basic application?

Creating a New Project

  1. In the Visual Studio.NET environment, select File | New | Project from the menu.
  2. Select Visual Basic on the left and then Console Application on the right.
  3. Specify the name of your project and enter the location in which to create the project.
  4. Click OK and you’re on your way!

How do I create a Visual Basic 2010 Express project?

Create a New Web Project

  1. Choose Start | All Programs | Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express | Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express.
  2. Click New Project.
  3. Highlight the Visual C# folder.
  4. Select a project type.
  5. Type the name No Code Project in the Name field.

What is Visual Basic Express 2010?

Visual Basic Express 2010 is the version of Visual Basic launched by Microsoft in 2010.In addition, we also run tutorials on Excel VBA, JavaScript , JQuery, CSS, HTML ,and Blockchain.

What is this Visual Basic 2010 tutorial centre?

This is the one-stop Visual Basic 2010 tutorial and resuorce centre. The tutorial is written in plain language to enable everyone masters Visual Basic 2010 programming effortlessly.

When was the first VB tutorial created?

He created the popular online Visual Basic Tutorial in 1996 and since then the web site has attracted millions of visitors .It is the top-ranked Visual Basic tutorial website in many search engines including Google. He has also written a few Visual Basic related books.

Is Visual Basic 2010 easier to learn than Visual Basic 6?

On the other hand, if you have already learned Visual Basic 6, it will be a little easier for you to learn VB2010 because the syntaxes are quite similar. Similar to the earlier versions of VB.NET programming languages, Visual Basic is bundled in an Integrated Development Environment known as Visual Studio.

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