What is the fees for IATA course?

What is the fees for IATA course?

The course fee for learning IATA courses in these institutes varies depending on the type of the course and the teaching institute. The average course is between Rs 70,000 and Rs 1,20,000 inclusive of the service tax and the IATA registration fees.

What is the qualification for IATA course?

Eligibility Criteria for IATA Courses The basic educational criteria for the course is the 12th standard or a graduate degree for regular courses. The candidate should also have basic skills like good English reading, writing, and speaking skills.

How can I apply for IATA?

Full IATA accreditation

  1. To apply for an IATA number, prepare these documents in the following order:
  2. Be ready to obtain a bond.
  3. Register at the Customer Support Portal.
  4. Submit the IATA application form.
  5. Pay the registration fee and wait.
  6. Register at the customer support portal.
  7. Submit the TIDS application form and wait.

How can I join airlines after 12th?

Join an aviation institute. Fly at least 200 hours. Clear the exams. Get the CPL certificate….Here are top institutes for Pilot Training courses after the 12th:

  1. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy.
  2. Bombay Flying Club.
  3. Rajiv Gandhi Academy of Aviation Technology.
  4. Madhya Pradesh Flying Club.
  5. National Flying Training Institute.

Which course is required for airport job?

Types of Aviation Courses:

Name of the Course Type of Course Duration
Diploma in Airport Management UG Diploma Course 1 year
Diploma in Ground Staff & Cabin Crew Training UG Diploma Course 6 months/ 1 year
Commercial Pilot Training UG Diploma Course 4 to 5 years
Diploma in Aviation Hospitality UG Diploma Course 1 year

What is the work of IATA?

IATA aims to be the force for value creation and innovation driving a safe, secure and profitable air transport industry that sustainably connects and enriches the world. IATA’s mission is to represent, lead, and serve the airline industry. IATA was founded in Havana, Cuba, in April 1945.

How do I access the IATA training center?

You’ll need to enable your pop-ups on this website and the IATA Customer Portal. Our IATA Training Centers are located at IATA offices near key international hubs. Each center offers modern classrooms equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi internet access, printers and quiet workspaces.

What are the features of the IATA virtual training centers?

Each center offers modern classrooms equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi internet access, printers and quiet workspaces. We have also introduced IATA Virtual Training Centers that host live virtual classroom courses. Choose from sessions scheduled within one of three time zones, to fit your learning to your availability.

Is there an alternative to IATA classroom training?

An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later. In-house training can be a cost-effective alternative to IATA classroom training. Classroom and virtual classroom courses can be delivered at your premises for groups of 5 or more, at a time most convenient to you.

What is an air cargo business management virtual diploma?

This virtual diploma gives in-depth exploration of the fundamentals and foundation of air cargo business management strategy, skills and development tools, and will equip you with critical competencies to succeed in an ever-changing global air cargo business environment.

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