What is World Youth Day (WYD)?

What is World Youth Day (WYD)?

World Youth Day (WYD) is a worldwide encounter with the Pope which is typically celebrated every three years in a different country. The most recent WYD was celebrated in Krakow, Poland from July 26th to 31st, 2016 and the next World Youth Day will be held in Panama City, Panama from January 22nd to 27th, 2019.

Who are the three figures of the World Youth Day 2016?

The three figures of the World Youth Day 2016: The image of Merciful Jesus (Divine Mercy devotion), Saint Faustina and Saint John Paul II. World Youth Day 2016 (WYD 2016) was the 15th World Youth Day, an international event organised by the Catholic Church and focused on faith and youth that took place from 26 to 31 July 2016 in Kraków, Poland.

What happened on World Youth Day 2016 in Poland?

Pilgrims of WYD dance on the Main Square in Cracow Cracow, Poland – July 24, 2016: Pilgrims of World Youth Day sing and dance on the Main Square in Cracow. Poland world youth day stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

How many pilgrims celebrated the World Youth Day 2016?

World Youth Day 2016 concluded on 31 July, as scheduled. It is estimated that 3 million pilgrims celebrated the event. Polish pilgrims celebrate the announcement (2013) that the World Youth Day 2016 will take place in Kraków, Poland.

When is World Youth Day in 2023?

The international World Youth Day celebration takes place every 2-3 years, typically in the summer months and on a major scale. The next one of these will take place from Tuesday to Sunday, August 1 to 6, 2023, in Lisbon, Portugal with millions of people and Holy Father.

What is the World Youth Day cross?

The World Youth Day cross has many names: Jubilee Cross, Pilgrim Cross, and Youth Cross. It was entrusted to the youth as they were given the commission to “carry it throughout the world as a symbol of Christ’s love for humanity, and announce to everyone that only in the death and resurrection of Christ can we find salvation and redemption.”

What is the global celebration of young people?

The Global Celebration of Young People takes place annually on the Solemnity of Christ the King. The next one of these will take place Sunday, November 21, 2021, in every diocese and community around the world, including at the Vatican with the Holy Father. See the Christ the King Annual Celebration page for more information.


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