What tin whistle does Mary Bergin?

What tin whistle does Mary Bergin?

Mary Bergin (born13 September 1949) is an Irish folk musician who is widely acknowledged as one of the great masters of the tin whistle. She plays in both the Irish Traditional and Baroque styles….External links.

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Where is Mary Bergin from?

Shankill, Dublin, Ireland
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What age is Mary Bergin?

72 years (September 13, 1949)
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How old was Mary Bergin when she played the tin whistle?

Mary started learning to play the tin whistle at the age of nine. Bergin won the All Ireland tin whistle championship in 1970. Her two virtuosic recordings of the solo tin whistle, Feadóga Stáin (1979) and Feadóga Stáin 2 (1993), have been critically cited as “outstanding and unequalled”.

Where can I find more information on Mary Bergin?

For information on Mary Bergin, her forthcoming Whistle Tutor, Album Sales or Gig schedule (both solo and with Dordán), Please contact: [email protected] MaryBerginWhistle.com Tin Whistle Tutor Purchase Now

Who is the most famous tin whistle player?

Legendary tin whistle player Mary Bergin is the most iconic tin whistle player of our time. She single handedly revolutionised Irish tin whistle playing and elevated the status of this humble instrument. Without her trailblazing influence, Irish tin whistle playing would never have reached the heights it has.

What is Mary Bergin’s breathing style?

Mary Bergin’s breathing is actually a feature of her playing style. She uses the breath to add a pulsing drive to tunes. In her own words: In whistle playing, what I love is the combination of the notes and the breath. It’s not just a matter of taking in air, but of using the breath to give the tune a push forward.

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