When did Judge Mathis go off on Wendy Williams?

When did Judge Mathis go off on Wendy Williams?

In 2003, Judge Mathis appeared as a guest on “The Wendy Williams Experience” and held nothing back when it came to confronting the host.

Who called Wendy Williams a crackhead?

Iggy Azalea calls Wendy Williams a ‘crackhead’ after ‘fake body’ diss. Season 11 of “The Wendy Williams Show” just started, but she’s already in a new feud.

Is Wendy Williams a judge?

Wendy Leigh Williams Berger (born December 1, 1968; in Athens, Georgia, US; née Williams) is a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida….

Wendy Berger
Assumed office July 29, 2019
Appointed by Donald Trump
Preceded by John E. Steele

Did Wendy Williams know Whitney Houston?

Wendy Williams maintains that she’s a lifelong fan of Whitney Houston. The 2003 interview with Houston was Williams’ first and last time interviewing the star. Still, Williams has always said she’s a fan of Houston’s and when she landed her daytime talk show, she often spoke of Houston during her Hot Topics segment.

Who is Judge Mathis real life partner?

Linda Reesem. 1985
Greg Mathis/Spouse

Who is Judge Matthews partner?

Judge Greg Mathis and his wife Linda Reese arrive at The Benjamin Crump Awards at The Venue of Hollywood on January 16, 2020 in Hollywood, California.

Who is WENDY Williams husband?

Kevin Hunterm. 1997–2019
Bert Girigoriem. 1994–1995
Wendy Williams/Husband

What did Judge Mathis say about Wendy Williams?

The no nonsense judge told her that he heard that she was bisexual and that she allegedly had 8 abortions. Mathis also dropped the mic when he claimed that he’d heard Wendy and Chris Rock were allegedly talking about his alleged affair behind his back for 2 hours.

What did Mathis say about Wendy on ‘Millionaire’?

Mathis also believed Wendy could possibly still be on drugs because she was allegedly in and out of that bathroom during their interview. After Wendy continued to bring up Mathis’ rumors, he decided to bring up some things he heard about her. The no nonsense judge told her that he heard that she was bisexual and that she allegedly had 8 abortions.

Did Wendy Williams get high before the Wendy Williams interview?

As soon as Wendy tried to bring it up, the judge stopped her in her tracks and checked the HELL outta Wendy, by accusing her of getting high before the interview and much more. Wendy Williams began their interview stating that she keeps it real with her audience and that she has no secrets to hide.

Why did Mathis Sue Wendy for defamation?

Before Wendy could continue, Mathis explained to her that he could sue her for defamation of character, because the woman did not make the accusations that Wendy stated. According to Mathis, the woman alleged that she did cocaine with Mathis and that he allegedly asked her to sleep with his wife.

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