Where can I learn military tactics?

Where can I learn military tactics?

Go to the army. Most of tactics and doctrines are secret and being taught in a officer’s courses, and used by division commanders. The other choice you have is the Academy, but then again, if you are not there as a soldier/ researcher from the army, your chances are very low.

Can you study military strategy?

A major in Military & Strategic Studies prepares you to lead and operate across the spectrum of conflict throughout the world. MSS majors learn to think as strategists, framing the battle space, and evaluating theories, models and perspectives for the artful future application of military and strategic power.

How do you fight war books?

  1. 1 The Art of War by Sun Zi (also written in English as Sun Tzu)
  2. 2 On War by Carl von Clausewitz.
  3. 3 Strategy: A History by Lawrence Freedman.
  4. 4 Modern Strategy by Colin Gray.
  5. 5 The Direction of War: Contemporary Strategy in Historical Perspective by Hew Strachan.

What should I read after Gates of Fire?

Book recommendations for people who like Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae by Steven Pressfield….The Ten Thousand: A Novel of Ancient Greece

  • Greek Mercenaries.
  • Expedition Of Cyrus (Greece : 401 B.C.)
  • Xenophon.

Can you major in military science?

A military science degree explores military theories, practices, and institutions. This degree prepares learners for careers in military service, criminal justice, education, and engineering. Military science explores military theories, tactics, and strategies used in warfare, defense, and diplomacy.

Is the art of war worth reading?

Yes, most definitely worth the read. It’s about how to deal with conflict situations. Not just war but any type of conflict.

Is on war a good book?

Carl von Clausewitz’s On War has been called, “not simply the greatest, but the only truly great book on war.” It is an extraordinary attempt to construct an all-embracing theory of how war works. Its coherence and ambition are unmatched by other military literature.

What are the best military non-fiction books?

The 14 best military non-fiction books of all-time. 1. “ The Forever War ” by Dexter Filkins. If you want to gain an understanding of America’s war with radical Islamists, look no further than “The 2. “ The Pentagon Wars ” by James Burton. 3. “ Black Hawk Down ” by Mark Bowden. 4. “ One Bullet

Why is philosophy important in war?

Princeton philosopher Michael Walzer uses this quote as a jumping-off point for his book, which asks: How do you square the strategic, sometimes dirty demands of war with the ethical demands of being a not-terrible human? Philosophy is rarely so accessible — or so important for the warfighter to grasp.

What are the best books on war for beginners?

1 The Art of War by Sun Zi (also written in English as Sun Tzu) 2 On War by Carl von Clausewitz 3 Strategy: A History by Lawrence Freedman 4 Modern Strategy by Colin Gray 5 The Direction of War: Contemporary Strategy in Historical Perspective by Hew Strachan

What is a good book about WW1?

This Pulitzer-Prize winning book is a masterpiece of military history. Delivering an account of the first month of World War I in 1914, Tuchman tells not just a war story, but an event that would upend the modern world.

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