Where can I watch live music in Paris?

Where can I watch live music in Paris?

Where to See a Concert in Paris?

  • Le Pop In.
  • Au Café de Paris.
  • Au Duc Des Lombards.
  • Salle Pleyel.
  • Stade de France.
  • L’Alimentation Générale.
  • Caveau de la Huchette.
  • La Belleviloise.

Where can I sing in Paris?

Here are 10 great karaoke spots in Paris.

  • Shibuya Karaoke in Paris. 15-17 Rue de la Gaité
  • Concerto Karaoke Box in Paris. 15 Rue de Palestro.
  • Le Café du Châtelet in Paris. 8 Rue Saint-Denis.
  • Café Rive Droite in Paris. 2 Rue Berger.
  • La Noche in Paris.
  • Bam Karaoké Box in Paris.
  • Bar la Planete Mars in Paris.
  • L’Écran Pop in Paris.

Where can I listen to live music in Paris?

The 15 Best Places with Live Music in Paris 1 AccorHotels Arena. 2 L’Olympia. 3 La Bellevilloise. 4 Duc des Lombards. 5 La Cigale. 6 Philharmonie de Paris. 7 La Maroquinerie. 8 Le Trianon. 9 Le Trabendo. 10 Le Lido.

What are the best concert halls in Paris?

Inkantadora Ink: Single most intimate concert hall in Paris. Guillaume Flandre: Amazing concert hall, no matter where you sit, the sound will be good 2. La Bellevilloise

What are the best places to visit in Paris for jazz?

Jazz fans will love a trip to the famous Caveau de la Huchette. The Caveau is a relic of a time gone by, an underground temple to jazz, and was recently featured in the Hollywood film La La Land (2016). It’s one of the city’s most legendary music bars and definitely not somewhere visitors are likely to simply sit and watch.

What’s happening to the Parisian clubbing scene?

Le Pompon is set in a former synagogue in Paris. Photograph: John Brunton W hile the Parisian clubbing scene is to all intents and purposes moribund, a new trend is sweeping the French capital as bars and cafes transform into impromptu live music venues.

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