Where is Edwin in bg2?

Where is Edwin in bg2?

Edwin is available to recruit from Chapter Two. You can acquire him on a bridge at Nashkel near the Belching Dragon Tavern.

Is Minsc a good companion?

Minsc is a neutral good human ranger and a potential companion.

Where is Minsc Baldur’s Gate?

Minsc is a companion in BioWare’s Baldur’s Gate 2. He is a human Ranger and Rasheman Berserker that can be found in the lower dungeon of the Chateau Irenicus prologue. Minsc is the most famous companion in cRPG history.

Where is Edwin Odesseiron?

Edwin is a companion in Baldur’s Gate. He is found standing on the bridge in Nashkel. He wants to slay Dynaheir in the Gnoll Stronghold.

Why is Minsc popular?

Minsc is voiced by Jim Cummings in his video game appearances. Since his introduction, Minsc has been regarded as one of the best and most popular elements of the Baldur’s Gate games because of his demeanor and attachment to Boo, according to reviewers from IGN, GameSpot, and Eurogamer.

What race is Minsc?

Minsc was a large, bald human.

Where is Edwin gate?

Edwin is a companion in Baldur’s Gate. He is found standing on the bridge in Nashkel. He wants to slay Dynaheir in the Gnoll Stronghold. On top of the specialist bonus for being a Conjurer, Edwin receives a bonus spell slot per circle thanks to his Birthright Amulet.

What happened between Minsc and Edwina?

Edwin: Minsc and Edwin / Edwina are rather hostile to each other as each of them had different plans regarding Dynaheir in the first game; Minsc was to protect her, while Edwin was sent to kill her. Ironically, in the second game after Edwin accidentally transforms his gender, Minsc gets confused and thinks that “Edwina” is Edwin’s sister.

What is Minsc’s relationship with other NPCs?

Relations with other NPCs: Edwin will badger Minsc about the death of Dynaheir until the point where Minsc can take it no longer and attacks the evil wizard. NOTE: If Aerie or Nalia is in the party, either will offer to become Minsc’s new witch.

Is Minsc a berserker?

When asked about his past, Minsc proudly announces that he is a berserker warrior from the nation of Rasheman in the utter east. He is currently undertaking his dejemma, a ritual journey to manhood, and is seeking adventure and glory in battle.

What do Jaheira and Minsc think of Edwin?

Jaheira dislikes and distrusts Edwin. Khalid is uncomfortable around Edwin, and will question his actions, but tries to avoid being too confrontational about it. Edwin makes no such efforts, and verbally abuses Khalid on a regular basis. Minsc distrusts Edwin, and for good reason – Edwin is trying to kill his witch, after all!

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